• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Agree with Steve Jones about economic development if it is being focused around good little ole Americana small businesses, the threads that have woven our country strong. Main Street, not Wall Street sorta thing. Bountifil corporate welfare for hotels whose corporate offices aren’t even in GG, bleh, get over that carrot on a mighty long stick. Support the businesses that grew the carrot here or make the carrot soup, or juice. They are the ones that really matter and really care. Truly vested interest. Greed has cost us plenty in GG.

    • David Zenger

      Let’s face it: local government stinks at “economic development.” What it is, really: smoke and mirrors, the intent of which is to steal some other city’s business or give away dough up front to capture some mythical windfall later.

      What was the sum total of 50 years or rampant Redevelopment in California? Zero, of course. How much was given away, how many bureaucrats employed, how many bond salesmen paid off, how many alleged “consultants” engaged? Nobody knows.

      The only thing a city can do for small business is just get out of the way. And quit wasting millions on little faux-historical Main Street projects and fussy design guidelines that snuff capitalists in the incubator.

      • @Dan Chmielewski

        Sorry David, but there are many things a city can do to help small businesses thrive. And some businesses simply don’t know or aren’t aware of programs that can help them. Small businesses have far more to fear from landlords that increase rent by 10-18% over a two year period. But then again, I doubt you have significant amounts of small business experience.

        • David Zenger

          Wrong again, Danny. On all counts.

          But you’re the dope who thinks that $11MM of alleged Solar Decathlon gross revenue, ginned up somewhere, somehow for the benefit of somebody, validates the waste of a hard $4MM on the part of the Irvine taxpayers.

          And brainless thinking like that is why the crooked regime of Agran, Kang and Krom will soon be nothing but a noxious memory.

          • @Dan Chmielewski

            I’m just running a thriving small business and I think you’re still unemployed. But I’m the one who’s wrong. Sure. Tell yourself that. What’s it been? Three years now? How is that Fullerton Rail Project coming along? Couldn’t that benefit from help from Fullerton or perhaps you can’t get any help because you’re such a jerk to work with? Connections matter.
            I’ll throw you an easy one: there are a number of grants small businesses can apply for and a local government economic development organizations can offer assistance with applications and submissions. Then there’s things like police, fire, lighting, trash removal, making sure landlords adhere to code. Some cities are better than others when it comes to local business license fees and business taxes. I just think you’re so jaded from your 2013 firing that everything you see sucks and your constant public whine-a-thons dim any prospects you have of working in Government again.
            I think you’ll need to go after the Irvine Chamber and the City for the data on the impact of the Solar Decathlon — and that $11 million was for one; there were two. With the right vision, this could have been a great thing for OC. SXSW in Austin started with humble beginnings too.

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            Amen on SXSW! What a catalyst in Austin.

            Corporate shareholder based businesses, yes possibly revenue for cities, but more often it’s an eventual tug of war within the city as to who is valued enough to get said revenue when it finally comes around the tax bend, back from State to County, to City, 2 years after the fact. Often times, the city residents are looked over, and therefore screwed over.

            Small businesses build community. They there. Interacting. Doing. Being.

            They are the better overall investment for city residents on a socio-economic level.

      • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

        David, I agree about government getting out of the way. How many businesses have left the state because of that, regulations and all.

        The deals given those corporations! Wow. No return for us, just their shareholders.

        But small businesses are the core of this nation. We must get back to making it a priority. Even if it means investing in a more desirable, prettier Main Street. Being loco for local business is more important than ever.

        Start counting the big corporates that have left us/US operations for foreign pastures. Apple, General Electric … Pfizer/Allergan to Ireland, Burger King to Canada, Budweiser to Belgium, Medtronic to Ireland, Purina to Switzerland, McDermott Construction to Panama, Seagate Technologies to Cayman Islands, Good Humor Ice Cream to UK, Frigidaire to Sweden …

        Dang. It goes on. We’re like the Titanic with all these stock entities bailing out of our country. No bueno.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Back in the day, those wild and crazy mid 80s, when we had the Rams in Anaheim, I remember hearing the 55M Princess Alicante would be funding all of public safety, for all time. She would be the citys saving grace, a marvel, what we needed … yada, yada.

    Our leaders gave, emphasis gave, that corporation The People’s land, decades of dun-cha-worry-about-it-its-on-me tax bennies. And when they were going under, 8M from the general fund and I believe (I’m old, memory) another 2M from our Redevelopment shadow. We have had a 4-6M yearly deficit ever since. Princess was sold to Chicago based Hyatt. And the GG homies are still the serfs funding, supporting any and all hotels and the revenue goes to everyone but The People of GG, specifically east, where the hotels are. The State has labeled us disadvantaged communities. Nice words for overlooked, unappreciated, uncared for. No parks, no shaded bus stops, no trees planted, no art. Not one community benefit agreement from any of these multiple hotel deals. Nothing. Nada. Nein. But we do have hefty pension obligations, to boot. The People who decided for us have very nice 5-6 figure retirements. We are left holding many bags, of …

  • David Zenger

    “We cannot no longer fund these private hotels at taxpayers’ expense,” Montoya said. “That’s not a fair way to spend our tax dollars.”

    We cannot no longer…”

    Good God. Makes me glad I live in Anaheim. Well, sort of.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    … and on Monday, all political signs on major streets have been duly removed.