Lucille Kring Fails in Court Against Arturo Ferreras

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September 2, 2016
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Lucille Kring Fails in Court Against Arturo Ferreras


Anaheim, CA        Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring failed yesterday in a meritless lawsuit she brought against the Orange County Registrar and Anaheim City Clerk, in which she attempted to force her challenger, South Anaheim Neighborhood Council Chair Arturo Ferreras, to run under an unknown name. The suit was brought without any evidence or legal authority and appears to have been an attempt by Councilwoman Kring to intimidate Arturo Ferreras and his supporters.

The suit alleged that Arturo Ferreras, an immigrant from the Philippines and an Ecumenical Catholic Priest, was using a false name on the ballot, was not a priest in good standing and could not prove he was endorsed by Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait. Kring’s attorneys later dropped the Priest charge. The court dismissed the suit.

Like many immigrants to the United States, Arturo Ferreras’ name was changed from his birth name when he entered the country and is now his legal name. Kring’s lawsuit was an attempt to force him to campaign under a different last name than “Ferreras” since he is known in the community and recognized by the city of Anaheim by this name. Mr. Ferreras provided multiple documents that supported his claim to use his legal name. He also supplied evidence that he is a priest in good-standing and that he was publicly endorsed by Mayor Tom Tait.

In response to the judge’s dismissal of the case, Arturo Ferreras released this statement:

“As an immigrant and proud American citizen, it saddens me that I have to defend my own name in court over what appears to be a blatant political stunt by my opponent. I expect this will only be the first of many personal attacks Councilwoman Kring’s campaign will launch against me in her attempt to win re-election. I appreciate the court’s fairness, impartiality and faithfulness to the law. Having lived in other countries without the same type of checks and balances and without the same freedoms we take for granted, I’m reminded of how grateful I am to be an American.”

Arturo Ferreras is an Anaheim homeowner, priest and volunteer. He serves on the Anaheim Community Development Advisory Committee and is Chair of the South Anaheim Neighborhood Council. He is running for Anaheim City Council in the newly created District 4, which includes the Neighborhoods surrounding the Anaheim Resort area, the Ponderosa neighborhood and other communities in Southern Anaheim.

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