• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Redistricting efforts.

    “Many of the leaked documents discuss Democrats’ efforts to gerrymander districts. DNC officials discuss the increasing Hispanic population as a wedge to draw congressional districts in a way to bolster Democratic representation.

    These moves do indeed try to funnel votes to support the Democrats, but this is a practice engaged in by both parties. Gerrymandering is part of the political reality of American politics, and it is arguably sordid and anti-democratic. Nevertheless, it is part of the game and likely unavoidable.

    As more information comes out, it will become clear whether the Democratic efforts in redistricting were more egregious than those of Republicans — as some of these documents hint.”

    How sad is it that a supposedly Russian hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 (Gucci Lucifer Two Oh) is the sunlight disinfecting our system gone off the deep end, into such deceptive darkness.

  • @Dan Chmielewski

    Mr. Montoya is wrong; the map is Kim Nguyen’s and she spent considerably more time on the nuances of the map with her consultant than Mr. Montoya did on his role in the lawsuit. Attaching your name to a lawsuit requires next to no time; Nguyen’s work took hours to balance districts. She was fortunate to have the county’s best demographer on her team to provide assistance. But to say what she did was a lie is in itself a lie. Shame on him for saying that.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      So you are saying they scratched it all out from scratch? Every registered voter nuance, in every neighborhood? Neither was assisted by legislator endorsed, blessed, Maptitude, Caliper? Well, good for them. They are indeed brilliant, insightful, crazy good analytical young people then. Round of applause that they are in our midst, gracing us.

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  • Mike Tardif

    This is a big deal? I think not.

    I would ask my friend Claudio – when does he see district elections coming to Santa Ana?

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Well Caliper-Maptitude should already be in the office and make it easy for him, for you.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    So, this? Compliments of Guccifer 2.0

    I am requesting the DNC’s support in transitioning into a role as a redistricting technical consultant to the DNC, allowing me to spend more time working directly with Democratic legislative caucuses in the states. This arrangement benefits all involved.


    The DNC is in a strong position for redistricting. The DNC’s data resources will be of incredible importance. We have favorable contracts with important redistricting vendors; we have done preparatory work on some of the major challenges in redistricting data, such as projections of population and voter trends; and have strong relationships with national organizations involved in the process.

    However, our relationships with individual state legislative caucuses – where the work is done — are weak. Working through the state parties – while necessary – adds a political complication that is hard to overcome, and limits our ability to directly provide leg caucuses with the data and services they need. Being able to work with both legislatures and the DNC would ensure that the DNC’s contributions are used and appreciated, and that states make the most of the resources available to them.

    I would propose continuing to assist the DNC with development of its core redistricting data products and services: 1) state-by-data datasets containing population and voter statistics at the census block level, integrating the official 2010 census numbers, and projections for 2012 and 2014 for these numbers; 2) Training and recruitment of technical support staff, including GIS and data training; 3) assistance working with national organizations, state parties and legislative caucuses. I suspect this work would take 75% of my own time through April.

    In the period April-July, I would likely need to spend more time working directly with states. They will need technical infrastructure – computers and plotters and networks – in addition to redistricting databases and GIS software. I will find contract staff where necessary to work individually with states on a full-time basis, and ensure the DNC is fully staffed and covered when I am not available.

    Later in the summer, I suspect the focus will shift towards preparing for litigation. Data will be a crucial part of these cases. Lawyers and expert witnesses will need to understand how we constructed the data and what the important pieces are. In places where Republicans control the process, we will need to provide strong arguments that they are going beyond reasonable bounds in gerrymandering districts along racial and political lines. Where we control the process, we’ll need to show that our districts do not dilute minority influence, that our districts are purely partisan gerrymanders (so far protected by the Supreme Court), and not in violation of the myriad other opaque precedents that currently govern redistricting. The growth in Hispanic population – lacking equal growth in citizen voting-age population – will result in new legal challenges that will require massive amounts of data research and preparation to defend adequately in court. Redistricting case law, which is clear in only a very small number of instances, will likely be re-examined in the 2nd half of 2011 in both state and federal courts, with data underpinning every argument.


    I am convinced that by working as a DNC consultant in addition to a redistricting consultant to Democratic legislative caucuses, I could provide a crucial link between the Legislatures and the DNC – a relationship that is not assured at this time, and would be immensely valuable to Democrats’ success in the redistricting process by maximizing our resources.

  • Cynthia Ward

    First of all, there isn’t a map that gets submitted that does not go through multiple eyeballs. Nobody can know about their entire city, so questions about “what would happen if we split a boundary at this street instead of that one” get bounced around. Does that make it NOT one person’s map? I think in the end that is why they called Anaheim’s final map “the people’s map” because while Oscar had the general idea of where to split it up and was brave enough to submit the project, and take the rock throwing over it, we know that many people contributed their input and opinions before it was finalized. Why is this a big deal? By the same token, even the most entrenched of politicos will see a bill they “authored” and sponsored undergo all kinds of changes through the committee process, but when approved by Assembly or Senate etc. it is still listed as “their” bill.

    Second, I agree that the process is wildly unfair to newcomers to the established order. Young people who try to get involved are told to “wait their turn” and “pay their dues” and those are code for forming allegiances with benefactors who later decide when YOUR TIME can come (if ever) and if not beholden to the system in place, and those who benefit from it, then your time is NOT going to roll around EVER. Frankly I am sick to death of the same group-think insiders (on ALL sides) who have made an absolute MESS of things throughout Orange County, but for some reason we are supposed to let them keep calling the shots. NO. And it works on all parties, and all sides. I have had all I can take of hearing so-and-so-candidate is going to “take votes” from such-and-such preferred-outcome candidate, and “cost them the seat,” as though these things are supposed to be predetermined in advance. ANYONE playing this sick game should be ashamed of themselves. You may have the highest moral purpose in running your candidate, but ANY American citizen has the RIGHT to run for office, and shame on those who demonize Americans for wanting to exercise that right. The seat is NOT YOURS, it is NOT YOUR PREFERRED CANDIDATE’s seat, it belongs to American voters and WE will decide who sits there. If you fear that an additional challenger will upset the numbers, then I suggest you corral more volunteers and work harder.

    America is supposed to be a mish-mash of ideas and viewpoints, and ALL views are supposed to be regarded, with equal weight given to those bussing their way to the halls of government as is given to those who arrived in the latest model sedan with a reserved parking spot up front. If the ideas presented are valid, then we accept them at face value. DISINTERESTED ZEAL is in the catch-all category of Political Reform Act, it means we look at the issues regardless of the connection to people involved. But again and again we see leaders dismissing valid and credible questions that deserve answers simply because they don’t like those asking the questions.

    Blowing off perfectly good maps because someone reached out to get additional input is ludicrous. Blowing off perfectly good candidates because they have not yet jumped through the hoops and learned to be as broken and dysfunctional as those who have royally screwed up the system that needs fixing is equally inane.

    • RyanCantor

      Could just do it the Fullerton way. Wait 9 months for the community to develop a map, completely ignore it, and approve one that went through exactly zero public forums.

      Just sayin, it’s one way to go.

      • Cynthia Ward

        Anaheim tried it and nearly had a riot in the street, with their precious NAMM convention threatened for shut-down. Funny how fast the entrenched elitists back pedal when the unwashed masses threaten their wallets. Fullerton got hosed on behalf of the bar owners. Where are the pickets out on Harbor on Saturday night pub-crawl handing out flyers to the college kids said to be idealistic and the most likely target market to side with those protestors? Hey don’t buy your 7 beers THERE, they are part of the problem. Nope. Crickets. Come on Fullerton. SHOUT your protest and get the attention you deserve. Or get the government that others want to impose on you. So sad…all the work the hand full of good Fullerton people put into trying to pull the city back from the brink, undone by those who don’t pay enough attention to understand they are on the menu. Sorry Ryan, I know some of you are trying hard, not sure why the rest of your city is not showing up for the fight for their own future.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Agree with you. But, in GG’s case, we have been conned for decades, since the mid 80s when Del Powers, figured out how to use the Redevelopment loopholes and giveaways and some in our Councils liked getting land perks for going along with it, or the power of pay to play. Disney, you’re welcome. We do not need a young and ambitious, new and improved cycle of using the system towards conning the community. That whole keep them distracted by suing directive that came from the top, to begin with. Purposefully manipulating is also uncool, unethical and lacks democratic integrity. Means of Ascent-ish. Just saying.