• angie blas

    We need to voice these opinions to the City Clerk and annoy them to the point that they need to investigate Solorio.
    A lobbyist running for a council seat??
    What happened to the Sunshine Ordinance..?? Where is transparency and accountability???!!

  • Tiffany Thompson

    Im glad to see that corruption in politics are being taken seriously. now police corruption needs to be dealt with.

    on the subject of the santa ana elections for city council, the Ward 5 candidate, Juan Villegas, who is currently a sheriff’s deputy, was turned down for the LAPD because he didn’t pass the psych test. I also did some research and he was arrested for a DUI!!! WTH!! He was also investigated for abusing his daughter. This guy was given a gun and now wants to be a councilman??? no thanks, im voting for someone more responsible and mentally stable.

  • astar2b

    Any leftover campaign $ should be donated to homeless services or police / fire donut fund…!

  • angie blas

    we need to revisit those Ward Residential rules and stop these crooks from coming into our Wards and not having the correct representation of our neighborhood.

    This current LOBBYIST needs to be excluded from running in our City Council Ward, go back to your Ward

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Exactly right. Wants to represent by misrepresenting right off the bat. Using campaign funds to pay for an apartment in order to game the system. Thinks the voters are suckers to be used, like LBJ did, to start.

      He is only running in order to help Poseidon with that farce of a desalination plant which will screw over working families in water costs for decades. He is running to help investors who live back East and in Europe. Our politicians do nothing but sell out deals a lot these days. I say we call it treason. Traitors.

  • David Zenger

    It’s actually sorta fun watching this corrupt little cherub slide down the political ladder.

  • “Mr. Patrick”

    Mr. Solorio, I urge you to make your lease agreement, and payment record, public, in the spirit of Sunshine Ordinance in Santa Ana. Cuentas claras, amistades largas… Clear accounting, long friendships. Thank you, your fellow candidate for Ward 3, where I have resided for 16 years, Patrick D. “Mr. Patrick” Yrarrázaval-Correa

  • Paul Lucas

    I wonder of the troll in Irvine will hire CJ Forde to see if jose actually lives there?

  • OCVietAmMD

    2 words: “No bueno.” [punto]

  • Juan-R-Perales

    That 1992 opinion letter isn’t even valid anymore. Just like Trump, Jose doubles down on being untruthful. #bastajose

  • John Claxton

    Jose, if your going to be a Carpetbagger, that comes with a price. Stop violating the law by having campaign contributors pay your rent – especially because it’s highly suspect that you even live there but a day or so a week.

  • RyanCantor

    I know this guy is ethically challenged, but this is beyond the pale.

    Way to go DPOC. You really endorsed a winner of a Democrat here.

    • Paul Lucas

      This was not known at the time that Jose was endorsed by the DPOC.

      • RyanCantor

        Which part?

        Being ethically challenged?

        Being a carpetbagger?

        Or using an ethically questionable practice like campaign contributions to pay for being a carpetbagger?

        • David Zenger

          The really unfortunate thing is almost no one involved in party politics cares about carpetbagging. Just look at the case of Sad Sukhee Kang.

          Fortunately a lot of the voters cared.

        • Paul Lucas

          Using donations for rent. I doubt the dpoc can or will or even wants to act in a way to un-endorse.

          • Paul Lucas

            let me re-phrase that. The agenda is set by the E Board. They arenot likely to add that to the agenda. It can be added by the body in a urgency manner. But then by the time it comes up for a vote the election would be over. You can be assured that the body would not like this and will probably move to un endorse. This can be affirmed by the bodys refutng of many of the E Boards recommendations for endorsement so far. The body over turned the E Boards recommendation to endorse Pulido, Brandman, and to not endorse Moreno and or Acevedo or Benjamn Vasquez. The body reversed and dd NOT endorse Pulido or Brandman and they endorsed Moreno, Acevedo and Vasquez. However there is not enough time to do that process before the election occurs.

      • David Zenger

        So we can expect them to unendorse him at their next get together?

  • Paul Lucas

    This is pretty shady. Jose you need to stop doing that.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Been a politician for how long now? and does not get it, nor understand that co-mingling campaign funds and personal expenses is inappropriate, at the very least. He’s a front runner because of his name? Obviously, not because of his good name because he does not seem to care.Wow. Pushing the bar and on his way to pushing buttons.

    Honesty. Integrity. Betrayal. Trust. Untrustworthy.
    Politicians, all of you out there …
    Grab a dictionary will ya? Or Google those words.