• I agree with Mr Zenger, do not let the big rock promises rob the community around them. I wonder how much revenue the existing overpriced hotels bring in?
    Without the party notation we can definitely see who is republican & who is democrat in this race. The right runs a white woman to represent a 79% minority district calling for more cops.
    I remember hearing of a 1970’s study where identical middle class communities were checked for crime, one had police responding to calls only the other had saturated patrols, can you guess which one had a higher crime rate? Saturated patrols. I firmly believe more police creates more crime. Then we see a white woman trying to get her foot in by “representing” a 49% latin & 30% asian district. I honestly believe the district will be fairly represented by the Latin man who is a veteran married to the Vietnamese wife. I like his call for more apprenticeship training and volunteer, internship, & work study for children. I doubt the district will appreciate more gestapo “code enforcement officers” and being bullied by more cops.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      I do not agree with the vote only for the ethnicity part Dweezle.Di. That divides us. Stephanie has done a lot within the community for many, many years. And as noted above, so has her family, for generations. The districts were created by a new fangled, pop goes the weasel faction with gerrymandering in mind. Not fair, not cool. Completely disregarded historical development of our neighborhoods.

      As for LULAC, there are 4 chapter numbers for the GG,OC area, so whichever number they are today, or using currently, that non profit has not disclosed as they are required to by law, their financials for 2 decades. The 990s should be available to the public to see, upon demand. And no one has seen them. Upon demand.

      Sunlight please. Not just vote because I am one ethnicity and married to another ethnicity. Reversed racism. Very much in vogue these days.

      • I agree, re reading the post I see the line, and I did cross it. I like the guys ideas, I like where he comes from, I could have left the race bait out of it. Just went to say he is a veteran and seems to support the community of Dist 5.

        I am curious, why didn’t Klopfenstein run for office in the neighborhood she resides? Does either candidate reside in the district they wish to represent? or do they even reside in Garden Grove? I took a look at the map of Dist 5 and sure enough all the potential hotels will be right in that district on Harbor from Chapman to GG Blvd… hmmm.

  • David Zenger

    “Klopfenstein has aligned herself with members of the current city council who believe that new revenue from hotels along Harbor will put the city on the map, help reduce the budget deficit, and pay for hiring more police officers.”

    Is there one politician or wannabe pol that doesn’t want to climb that ridiculous Rock Candy Mountain?

  • Maureen Blackmun

    Is “aligned herself” correct? or is “endorsed by” a more accurate term. Stephanie’s endorsements were volunteered; not sought after. Flattering I think.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Yes, flattering. And well deserved.