• Tiffany Thompson

    What bothers me about the election is that the candidate for Ward 5, Juan Villegas, who is currently a sheriff’s deputy, was turned down for the LAPD because he didn’t pass the psych test. I also did some research and he was arrested for a DUI!!! WTH!! He was also investigated for abusing his daughter. This guy was given a gun and now wants to be a councilman??? no thanks, im voting for someone more responsible and mentally stable.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Theyyyy’re baaaaaaack! Go Rams is right!
      Wish they were back in OC tho’!

  • David Zenger

    Harbor Boulevard! The cure all, the panacea, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

    These people will never learn.

    • Yes, Give more money to wealthy developers, it will trickle down. I am curious what is the vacancy rate in existing Garden Grove Harbor Blvd Hotels? I do not know for a fact, but I understand it is not great. I remember replacing a thriving restaurant that was almost a historical landmark for what? palm trees?

      • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

        Exactly. Belisle’s was iconic. But sadly before social media and before sunlight exposed things. Still missed by old timers, long timers.

        And yes, the first hotel was going to end all worries on paying for services, namely public safety, police and fire. Well the Princess Alicante was cruising into bankruptcy and our city elected elected to give her 6M from the general fund and 2M from our redevelopment shadow government agency.

        GG has been deficit red ever since. These days, 4M. Many more hotels later and public safety has dibbies on the checkbook and gets 70M of our 100M budget and there’s a tug of war between the 30M left between everyone else in city hall and the residents wants and needs. Residents always lose. It’s what serfs must of felt like in the middle ages. Used. Whipped. Especially in the east, where the land was given to these corporations freely, for free.

        • I went brain dead trying to remember the name of the place. Great breakfasts HUGE servings. I noticed the Mexican restaurant that was located about a block or two south of Belisle’s re-located to GG Blvd, but the food is not as good as it was, in my arrogant opinion, lol I wish they relocated Belisle’s or skipped the palm trees on the Corner & left it.

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            Remember the huge pies at Belisle’s that were showcased in the spinning display case? Serious huge. I think they should have incorporated it in the design. Who knows? Maybe the owners retired. They had been there a long time. Since we were farm country.

            I agree, Los Sanchez is different. The beans feel like they are canned instead of home made. My palate says so, too.

  • Paul Lucas

    Ah Garden Grove. The Street Fighter version of political campaigns in OC. I think Mr Bock may be in for a rude awakening as his stance on dispensaries is becoming a liability and that viewpoint is being refuted by voters all over the state.

    • Correct, I understand there is strong support for legalization of Marijuana in this election. But there have been large support for such initiatives, perhaps by people that do not vote. However, there has been great success with marijuana (& the related tax revenues) in other states. Does Bock realize the voters of the state of California approved the use of medical marijuana?

      • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

        But the buyers are not sick people. You can get prescribed THC from pharmacy, since the 40s …

        Fully 90% are imaginary medical psyche bs!
        Golly gee, our youth sure have a big phat huge glaucoma epidemic, LOL! Their poor lil squinty eyes are all gazy, hazy, glaucomy!

        So why do they all have drivers licenses then?
        Anyone? Anyone?
        Ben Stein?

        • LOL I had glaucoma, did not use marijuana or other drug I had it surgically corrected, new lenses

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            Exactly! Almost 80% of the medical marijuana reason for getting the cards by kids in their 20s is glaucoma. Could it be due to computer screens, tablets, iPhones? Or is it simply medical bull? Doctors who give these willy nilly medical marijuana cards out so freely, for total bullsheet should be prosecuted under crimes against society by the FBI. What part of do no harm do they not understand?

          • First, I have never heard of a crime in the US Code titled “Crimes against society” if a doctor prescribes a drug, be it marijuana, hydrocodone, aspirin or morphine sulfate illegally he should be charged with malpractice or fraud. next, My Glaucoma was developed due to many years of UV exposure which I understand is the most common cause but it is also caused by extended high pressure of the eye fluids. I was also diagnosed with this when I was in the Army 40 years ago. Marijuana is known to relieve high pressure in the eye which will lower possibility of future glaucoma. So a doctor may ethically prescribe marijuana to people in their 20’s.

            As far as recreational use of drugs is concerned, I believe Nixons “war on drugs” is a total failure, just like the FBI prohibitionist task force, when alcohol was made illegal a huge criminal underground operated causing more death & destruction than any aspects of legal alcohol when alcohol became legal again, the organized crime turned to illegal drugs. We now see international cartels of organized crime with many deaths attributed to them…

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            Thanks for the good info. Legit, yes. But 80% of our youth has it from too much beach? too much screen time? or are the reasons intentionally false?

            Crimes against society is used by the FBI. I know for sure it is used against animal abusers because myself and some friends are trying to get the investigators to use it, and treason, against BLM employees who forged documents and sent The People’s wild horses to slaughter in Mexico under false pretense. A whole ‘nother evil issue …

            Agree, somewhat. Problem is that in 1971 the THC was not nearly as strong as it is now. The high in the 60s, 70s is much different than what is offered today. It has become neuron crazy glue. Great for slowing down epileptics, and other similar issues. But healthy people can, body chemistry what it is, have detrimental effect.

            The drug cartels, agree. But let us US not forget that US government operatives made sure they were armed fast and furious. We supplied, like we did via Turkey, and over to the danesh, isis. There is huge money to be made in arms trade. Banks love it, y’all. Arms and cluster bombs. And we bailed them out so they could diversify in those things. Suckers!

          • I googled “Crimes against Humanity” and as I suspected I think I am correct. in International Law there is such a vague category, however in the US Code there are more specific definitions of such individual crimes that would fall under that category.

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            Oops. Crimes against society. My bad. It’s being referred to in animal abuse. As of earlier this year. New, I guess. Last year or two.

    • Roderick Powell

      Dispensaries are organized crime! Made possible by the determination of people who know well that they are scamming everyone and killing many people. Vote to legalize pot if you can con the voting public. (most of whom DO NOT partake in using pot) But PLEASE quit the lying. NOT much less than 100% of the people going into pot dispensaries have no medical need or compassionate use for it. Thus there has NEVER been a need for pot dispensaries for such a few that qualify for it based on the law we passed so long ago. Has this law been updated since then to include such reasons as “I feel depressed” To demean a candidate for their position on THIS, unbelievable. People with your attitude make me understand why I so often hear 80 and 90 year olds saying they are glad they are on the way out. Such disrespect by all involved with the allowing of pot dispensaries to come back to Garden Grove, especially the Garden Grove Mayor. As long as their exists a ban on pot dispensaries in Garden Grove, you are breaking the law….and this most STOP!

      • I do not care to smoke pot, I did enjoy other drugs many years ago. However, I for one do not choose to legislate the morality of others due to my personal morals. As I stated already, I will rephrase, The forbidden fruit is the sweetest. We tried prohibition of Alcohol and where did that get us? It got us invaded by organized crime, Nixon’s War on drugs wasted so much money with the DEA creating even more powerful organized crime/aka cartels. Oh but wait, when Congress refused to fund the war in CA even Reagan used the CIA to sell Cocaine in South Central LA to finance his central American rebels.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      More like PacMan version.