Major Sidney Goldstein, Distinguished Service Cross: Broke The Gothic Line

Major Sidney Goldstein, Credit: National Museum of American Jewish Military History

Editor’s note:  Sidney Goldstein was born in Glen Cove, New York on June 11, 1920.  He was also awarded the Italian Cross of Valor for Combat Heroism by the Italian Government.  He died on June 27, 2002 in Westminster, CA.  After his death, The Sid Goldstein Freedom Park: Vietnam Memorial in Westminster was established in his honor.


Maj Sidney Goldstein, U.S.A.

Citation: Distinguished Service Cross

War: World War II

Major Sidney Goldstein, (then Second Lieutenant), Infantry, U.S. Army. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action on 21 September 1944, near Santa Margherita, Italy. Lieutenant Goldstein was given the mission of taking an enemy held hill in the Gothic Line with a small force of 24 men. The first assault led by Lieutenant Goldstein was repulsed by heavy enemy small arms, machine gun and mortar fire, but reorganizing his force and forming a base of fire, he led 11 men in an assault to take the hill. Facing heavy enemy small arms and intense mortar fire, he and his men penetrated the enemy line through a small draw, assaulted one enemy dugout and captured four Germans. Continuing up the slope, Lieutenant Goldstein and two non-commissioned officers assaulted a second enemy dugout, capturing a German officer and two enlisted men. The German officer offered to surrender the remaining of his force upon condition that Lieutenant Goldstein accompany him to the forward slope of the hill. Fully aware of the risk, Lieutenant Goldstein accepted the offer and followed the German officer to the enemy position. There, two more German officers and approximately 40 enlisted men surrendered to Lieutenant Goldstein, who marched them over the hill to his assault force. When the German officer volunteered to lead him to other German positions, Lieutenant Goldstein again made his way to the forward slope of the hill and returned with 16 more prisoners to clear the enemy forces from the objective. Lieutenant Goldstein’s bravery and aggressiveness in the face of heavy odds resulted in the capture of a 67 Germans and affected a break-through in a sector of the strong enemy Gothic Line.

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