• David Zenger

    It’s over. Wailing and gnashing of teeth at PringleCorp®. Time to start unwinding the big effing mess.

  • Paul Lucas

    Its over. Brandman lost by 44 votes! Jose Moreno is in. Its now time Anaheim!

  • Jane Rands

    Woohoo! And Moreno takes the lead by 44 at close of business 11/21.

  • Paul Lucas

    Today is the day. Its Time Anaheim!

  • Paul Lucas

    I was there on Thursday. Hermandad Mexicana the group led by Larry Nativo Lopez had people there challenging Latino ballots both vim and provisional. Hermandad Mexicana had been bought by DIsney/SOAR in exchange for a 30k donation to run an i.e. On behalf of SOAR candidates. They will also be the group challenging the outcome should Brandman and or Kring lose via Disney/SOAR paying Hermandad Mexicana to conduct a recount.

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  • Juan-R-Perales

    Great news. Brandman showed everyone he is about equal rights for a select few. Anyone but Brandman.

    • David Zenger

      Unequal rights for a select few.

    • RyanCantor

      Paging Mr. Daly. Tom Daly. Mr. Daly, please return to baggage claim carousal A. You left an item behind.

      It’s loud, whiny, and insisting you cart it off into the sunset.

      Again, passenger Daly. Please return to baggage claim. Your party is waiting.