• LFOldTimer

    So here we have the top law enforcement official in the county who openly defies the judge, the court and the law – and protects the very ones who trampled all over the Constitution and the law of the land.

    Yet when Sandra sends her deputies out on the street she demands that you obey their orders and follow the laws – OR ELSE!

    What a great example from the top cop for all the little people, eh? More “Don’t do as I do. Do as I say.”

    The supervisors initially appointed her to clean up Carona’s mess. ha. And upon her appointment Sandra told us she would be our ‘change agent’ and restore order in the department. lol. What a farce.

    Judge Goethals – do to her what you would do to any of us if we defied your order of the court. Lock her up! Restore ‘Equality under the Law’!

    And where the **#*$ are the Board of Supervisors? The ones who are obligated to protect the county’s reputation and be our good stewards? Their silence is deafening. Silence is complicity. Birds of a feather.

  • OCservant_Leader

    The Judge is experiencing the OC’s SOP Standard Operating Procedures regarding release of public records.

    There are oh so many ways to block, frustrate and mislead any seeker of an OC written record. Privacy is the cornerstone to the OC family’s operations. They don’t take kindly to the public poking around. This is viewed as a personal attack against the family and the County will respond accordingly.

    BOS EAs control Records at each Agency. The EAs assign loyal managers with GEDs to redact. They have no knowledge or skill and cannot apply the law – so they are the perfect employee to give the black marker to.

    They redact anything they “think” should be redacted. They know they have to protect the family – so everything is redacted.

    The requester is then left with playing the fun game of challenging each and every redaction by unknown category. If the requester comes back again then
    CoCo will get involved and throw (cut and paste) any number of vague exemptions in a attempt to confuse and mislead requester.

    If requester wants to go further…it’s going to cost them. This is now a costly litigation to even find out what “categories” the County has redacted in the first place.

    If the requester (or media) is after a smoking gun…then the BOS PR machine gets involved to “manipulate” the record or if need be…make the call and it goes MIA.

    A well funded law firm can call their bluff – and the County will release…maybe.
    You want meta data? The raw – not manipulated data? Oh that will cost you $189,002 or some other made up number from IT.

    Majority of the time…they won’t release and use the County’s unlimited funds to wear the requester down.

    Good luck Judge!