• Really Batman

    California died in the 90’s, no reason to be there anymore; I moved to Texas and everything is better. Less mexicans, more money, better law enforcement, we get federal funds too!

    • justanon

      Good riddance! We don’t want or need racist, ne’er do wells in California.

  • B Bailey

    California is finished; no jobs, and soon no funds or people to pay taxes.

    • justanon

      Reality check, trumpster:

      California Makes America’s Economy Great

      “Most of what makes America great is happening in California, …. but beneath all that there is a consensus about the challenges facing the world: globalization, urbanization, climate change. California is addressing them better than any country, while simultaneously setting an example as the world’s most diverse and dynamic economy.

      If the state were stacked up against nations, California would be the seventh-largest economy, with an equivalent gross domestic product greater than Brazil’s. It’s not just big, but also booming. California had a 3.29 percent growth rate last year, more than five times that of No. 3 Japan, almost twice No. 4 Germany, about half again as much as No. 5 U.K., almost three times No. 6 France and a third more than No. 1 U.S.

      California last year created the most jobs of any state, 483,000, more than the second- and third-most-populous states Florida and Texas combined (they added 257,900 and 175,700) and at a faster rate than any of the world’s developed economies. The pace of employment growth was almost triple the rate of job creation for the 19 countries that make up the euro zone and more than 3.5 times that of Japan, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. … ”


      • The Deplorable Miss B

        Oh my God, you MUST be a college student or a teacher. No one could be this stupid. California is hemorrhaging jobs. People are leaving the state in droves. The government is bankrupting it. But keep reading Bloomberg and keep believing all their fake news. When the truth hits you in the face maybe you’ll wake up and realize the Democrats only see you as a tool for their own gains. OMG, I can’t stop laughing. Go EDUCATE YOURSELF for God’s sake!

        • justanon

          I wonder where you are getting your information?

          Are you pulling your ‘facts’ out of your *ss?

          Real world:


          • The Deplorable Miss B

            Yep, sure am. You just keep quoting fake news sites. Keep crying, Loser, my guy won. But thanks for giving a lot of us a good laugh on here today.

          • justanon

            And you are not quoting any news sites or any other facts, but then again you probably don’t even know that as you are obviously not too bright.

          • The Deplorable Miss B

            And in typical liberal fashion, you melt down and result to name calling. Are you five?
            Go away troll, you couldn’t argue your way out of a paper bag. Everyone here is just laughing at how ignorant you sound. Ha ha my guy won. Trump is President and Obama’s legacy of divisiveness and hate is over. All of your b.s. is meaningless.

          • justanon

            Gosh, you can’t even recognize “name calling”, sad, just sad.

            Hint: calling someone a “troll” or “loser” is name calling, telling someone they’re “not too bright” was taking an educated guess, but thanks for proving it 🙂

  • LFOldTimer

    “In some cases it means local law enforcement doesn’t cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in tracking down or arresting undocumented immigrants.”

    As a journalist you should provide full disclosure to your readership, Thy.

    It means that local jailers refuse to cooperate and notify ICE and the Federal authorities when they have illegal foreigners in their jails who have committed crimes over and above immigration violations against persons and property, and thus release them back onto the streets of Anaheim either on bond or after they have completed their jail sentences placing their citizens at further risk with these illegal alien criminals roaming their community.

    I hope that Trump holds those who release these criminals back onto our streets without notifying ICE in advance legally accountable should the criminal alien murder, r*ape, rob or cause other serious harm to our fellow citizens.

    Kate Steinle is a tragic example of what happened to a beautiful, vibrant and intelligent woman when local law enforcement refused to cooperate with Federal authorities and send a 5 time loser back to his country of origin. Blood drips off their fingertips.

    IMO those who promote those types of policies and behaviors are not true Americans. I call them ‘fake Americans’.

    • The Deplorable Miss B

      The biggest joke is that Anaheim and Santa Ana even pay for breakfast, lunch AND dinner for their poor immigrant students. And they have to have raffles on parent night just to get the parents to bother showing up. The office of education is throwing MILLIONS of tax dollars at people who aren’t even citizens, who can’t be bothered to learn the language or respect our country. It’s a joke. American kids don’t count anymore because they aren’t important to so-called educators.

      • LFOldTimer

        I know. People complain that they’re being gouged on health care costs yet the leftists in Sacramento passed a law that gives free taxpayer funded Medi-Cal benefits to illegals age 19 and younger.

        Then people don’t understand why they’re forced to pay huge premiums and have $12,000 deductibles under Obamacare. lol.

        • The Deplorable Miss B

          Exactly. They have no incentive to be productive members of society when everything is handed to them more readily than an American born citizen. I think a lot of deportations could be avoided if all of the benefits were stopped. No more free money, housing, medical, dental, disability, food stamps and social security. Our nation would be in great shape if we quit letting the world sponge off of us.

  • The Deplorable Miss B

    No problem. Then both the city and the school district need to have all of their federal funding cut off. Then the city leaders and elected officials that support sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants should be removed from office. See, this is AMERICA. If you don’t want to enforce the rules or follow the Constitution, then you don’t get a voice. Donald Trump was voted in because the overwhelming majority of America is fed up with this too. Time for us to take our country back.

    • @Dan Chmielewski

      Donald Trump did not win an overwhelming majority; he lost the popular vote for nearly 3 million votes and his electoral college win was only larger the George W. Bush’s two wins in 2000 and 2004; More than half of America did not vote and Trump’s approval ratings are the lowest ever for an incoming president. Who are you taking “our country back from?”

      • The Deplorable Miss B

        You must watch CNN, because all of the fake statistics you are spouting are laughable. See, you don’t get to be president if LESS than half the voters elect you. You must be confusing him with Hillary. See, SHE was the loser. And don’t give me the popular vote mumbo jumbo either. The popular vote is so full of corruption that it isn’t any sort of valid indicator. When dead people, felons and illegals all vote Democrat, then it’s pretty obvious what the problem with the popular vote is. As for whom we are taking our country back from, that would be the fascist liberals who have run it into the ground.

        • justanon

          Ha, ha, ha you trump supporters are like cult members, only believing what your ‘dear leader’ tells you.

          Hey, fool(s) every Secretary of State, Republican and Democrat, has denied the big lie that there was massive voter fraud.

          Only the childish and narcissistic trump and his gullible supporters believe the “massive voter fraud” canard.

          The jokes on you. You’ve been had by a sick, lying con man.

          • The Deplorable Miss B

            Nope, YOU’VE been had by a liberal government who has controlled you like a puppet with all their propaganda. Let’s talk about a “cult” mentality, shall we? Case in point, a couple of weeks ago on Fake News CNN when Mika complained about how “it’s OUR job to tell people what to think.” Hitler and Mao BOTH used the media and the educators to spread their propaganda and the liberal media in the United States is doing the same thing for dictator Obama.
            It must suck to be that uninformed, but then again, you liberals drink whatever Kool Aid the fake news and college professors give you

          • justanon

            Where are your FACTS to back up voter fraud?

            In order to back-up your BS you need to have VERIFIABLE FACTS. Where is it?

            Your ‘allegations” are just so much BS, you need to back them up with data.

            You trumpsters love to smear and slime, but when it comes to providing FACTS you prefer to hide behind ad hominem attacks.

            Thanks for proving my point that trump supporters are just ignorant, gullible chumps.

          • The Deplorable Miss B

            You just make me laugh. All of your so called facts come from fake news sites. Then you cry and call everyone names when you can’t back up your point. You sound like an angry child. It just makes me laugh.
            Cry all you want, Snowflake. My guy won. HAH!

          • justanon

            And what FACTS or DATA have you provided?

            Do know that discrediting the media or any legitimate data is what all cults and authoritarian regimes have in common, chump?

          • The Deplorable Miss B

            I’ve cited fake news CNN interviews, websites and quoted people. You’ve thrown out nothing but sites that are known for falsifying information. And I believe I mentioned that like Obama, dictators like Hitler and Mao controlled the media and the educators. Which brings us back to Mika’s liberal comment on CNN: It’s THEIR job to tell people what to think.
            Quit listening to your professor and think for yourself. That’s why you are in the LOSER party and my guy won.

          • justanon

            You have not cited anything. You have leveled accusations at CNN etc. but have not provided one example. Also, taking a quote out of context (if it is a quote(?)) is not proof of anything.
            I can tell by your hysterical writing style that you’re just flailing. You have a lot of emotion, but little factual information to back up your feelings.
            In short, you’re a typical trump supporter, angry, uninformed, but cocksure you are correct.
            #sad, very sad.

      • verifiedsane

        How many of those Hillary votes were illegal Chimielewski? The facts are this; President Trump won an overwhelming majority of states, counties, and over 300 electoral college votes (That is how we elect Presidents in America).

        Why don’t you just come out and say that you are for open borders and illegal immigration! At least that would be honest and refreshing!

        You really need to invest in some more tissue, because it appears you still can’t come to terms with the huge defeat of your party. That’s equates to a very long next eight years… 🙂