• NewBoot

    Way more to this story than what you are reading. Costa Mesa politics is a very dirty game and the police union is definitely in the thick of things even though they distanced themselves from this. The law firm that this PI worked for was highly respected and did a lot of good things for a lot of angencies prior to this. Someone got thrown under the bus on this one. Guess who it is…

  • Paul Lucas

    He will serve 6 months of that year. But ant any rate Im glad this guy is being held accountable. There is no excuse for what the unions law firm did. and you cant convince me that the union didn’t order his guy to do that. The law firms person who agreed to this act should be in jail right next to him. They are probably going to pay for this guy to stay in the club fed pay to stay facility in seal beach or where busty is doing his time.

  • Ted Striker

    Glad to see that Mensinger is finally getting out, I mean after he was handed that horrible and embarrassing defeat in the last election he hasn’t been seen out in public.

  • LFOldTimer

    3 felony counts and only a lousy year (time served much less) in the slammer???

    Took long enough to adjudicate the case.

    Must have been some highly paid lawyers involved.

    There’s more of your “Justice for All”. lol.