• LFOldTimer

    I think that the City of Anaheim should have to pay to rebuild or repair any structures that are torched by the fireworks that the Council sanctions. And if anyone is injured or dies as a result of using those fireworks the City should have to pay their medical bills and for pain and suffering.

    There is no such thing as ‘safe and sane’ fireworks. If cities outlaw kids inhaling harmless vaporized juice they should certainly not allow them to play with combustible torches.

  • David Zenger

    “Anaheim Arena Management kept 60 percent of the proceeds.”

    And there you have it. Crony capitalism courtesy of the kleptocracy: a government licensed monopoly with no other rationalization that “it’s just a pilot program, let’s see if it works.”

    As for the $40,000 that was a DONATION and not the responsibility of the City in any manner shape or form. It used to be that fireworks shows on the 4th charged admission to pay for themselves. What ever happened to that fine, old tradition? If every resident of Anaheim Hills kicked in 50 cents they could have their fireworks show.

  • RyanCantor

    “The numbers don’t back that up, sir,” Murray responded

    Other things numbers have not backed up:

    $400,000,000 in hotel subsidies. No justification to support why these are necessary.

    $360,000,000 in land grants to the Los Angeles Angels. No justification to support why this was necessary.

    $300,000,000 in Convention Center Bonds. No justification for why this makes sense.

    That’s a cool billion with absolutely nothing to back it up and now Kris Murray wants to throw a fit over $40,000 that her friends aren’t getting? Good gravy, woman– do you think we’re stupid? After giving away A BILLION DOLLARS in a few years you can’t make a few phone calls to get a few fireworks?

    Or maybe fireworks aren’t really the point. Cause you know, if it were, you’d have that solved by now. I mean– you’re not really giving us much of a choice. This either isn’t about fireworks or you’re r-e-a-l-l-y that bad at your job.

    • David Zenger

      This is all about political theater in which the heroine has to fight for some greasy little finagle she put through. Actually, some cynical folks believe it was Murray herself who extorted a non-contractual promise of $40,000 from Anaheim Arena Management for the show for her and her pals.

      It’s hard to believe the Chamber is that desperate for 40 grand, but maybe that’s part of it too, showing the flag-wise.

      Say, isn’t it cute how Murray is suddenly all frothed up over equity for the sweaty masses?