Anaheim Councilwoman Calls for Regular Updates on “Benefits” of Disney and Anaheim Resort district

Anaheim residents will get an update at every other city council meeting on the “benefits” of the Anaheim Resort section of the city, after a city council meeting request Tuesday by Councilwoman Lucille Kring.

“It would be very good for the people to know how much Disney puts into the neighborhoods,” Kring said. She asked city staff to give a brief report at alternate meetings on the “benefits of the resort area to the neighborhoods of Anaheim.”

The Anaheim Resort is the city’s tourism district, and includes Disneyland, the Convention Center and a number of hotels and small businesses.

Councilman Jose Moreno already has asked staff to report at every other council meeting about the city’s progress on tackling homelessness. Staff will alternate at each meeting with a report about homelessness and the Anaheim Resort.

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  • Greg Diamond

    Somehow, I get the feeling that Staff must be dreading this. “We don’t have to be TOO ACCURATE about this, do we? And PLEASE don’t make us show our work!”

    • Philmore

      Show their work ? To WHO? MAKE them ? Who would do THAT ? ROTFLMAO. Next meeting, for fun, ask them the color of the helicopter they bought on Tuesday night, and enjoy the blank “deer in the headlights” response. Want to start a pool on when it is realized they have to staff it and put it somewhere ? Then ask them how much and from where THAT will be funded. It’s getting hard to breathe here – drowning in cretins. Hope my legs still work when I need them most.

      • Greg Diamond

        Oh, the Council could “make them.” And, if the stakes turn out to be high enough, it could fire them if they won’t or can’t do so. Depriving the Council of the information they need to make decisions is not a “best practice.”

        We’ll know a lot more about this in two weeks.

  • Philmore

    Fair enough, as long as ONLY ITEMS are included, where Disney DID NOT turn RIGHT AROUND and MONETIZE ITS CHARITY for MULTIPLES OF ITS CONTRIBUTION, in its appeal for Massive public taxpayer subsidies, soon after. It should be a quiet, if not SILENT evening. Kring’s shameless pandering to her handlers insults the dignity and intelligence of the MANY contributors who give SOLELY for the good it does and neither expect nor receive ANYTHING in return. I bet the scripture-quoting speakers that fill public comments can easily supply scripture about practicing charity IN PRIVATE. If I can make the meeting, I hope to have a sign showing the near-equality pointed out by Mayor Tait of the 4-Star subsidies AND THE CITY’S UNFUNDED PENSION SHORTFALL ! WHERE are Kring’s requests for presentation on THAT ??

    • David Zenger

      But we are left guessing as to what “puts into the neighborhood” means. I know Disney puts a bunch of toxic gasses and smoke in my neighborhood every night. Does that count?

  • David Zenger

    When I got done laughing I shed a tear.

    I hope they subtract all the gravy Disney and the hotels have gotten from us over the past 20 years, both documented and all the undocumented stuff they got because nobody was paying attention to what they owed us.

  • RyanCantor

    You can’t be serious.

    I thought this was supposed to be monumentally obvious. Now citizens need to be educated, by their government, on the benefits of the resort district?

    Well, which is it? Is it obvious or is it really something so difficult to understand that the business before the council must be delays to provide educational opportunities to the taxpayer?

    Maybe they can make it a whole series.

    Benefits of the Resort
    Benefits of Policing
    Benefits of Roads
    Benefits of ARTIC
    Benefits of Benefit Education

    Only in Anaheim.

    • David Zenger

      “Now citizens need to be educated, by their government, on the benefits of the resort district?”

      Isn’t it really the responsibility of a billion dollar, multi-national conglomerate to do its own advertising?

      • Philmore

        As pointed out by a phoned -in comment by Cynthia Ward, they evidently got the City to assume THEIR transportation (?) remediation obligations buying a $1.2 M (?) bus, so WHY STOP when you are on a roll ? Disney’s version of Anaheim’s City Motto has for decades been, “You’re clever enough to ask for it, and we’re stupid enough to give it to you”, and successive Council Majorities have eclipsed Disney’s wildest dreams proving it true .