• Andrea Carrasquillo

    Will Mohammed Aly take this people next to where he lives? I am tired of having trash, needles all over where I live! The fights, the dogs barking all night! I see this everyday when I go to work and come home! I cannot enjoy the Trail for more than a year now since they are there. My family and other residents do not feel safe anymore. They sometimes even trespass into the building and steal. The Complex had to put some additional cages for our bikes because they were getting stole and found later in the encampment. These people need to leave the area.

  • Pat

    Have you done any research and or know any advocates who are working to implement SB 2 that you can put me in touch with?

  • John Claxton

    Supervisor Do, if I believe you are doing a piss poor job as a supervisor, I have the right under the first amendment to stand before you as a resident of Orange County and voice my displeasure – and if I want to call you an a bad word, that is also my right under the first amendment and you or your piss ant attorney can do nothing!

    • Wellwealthmanagement Du

      Good job John.

  • John Claxton

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Deputy K. Taylor was previously fired from OCSD as the senior deputy on duty who couldn’t be bothered when Richard Chamberlain was murdered inside the jail. He was later reinstated by an arbitrator.

    • LFOldTimer

      Thanks for sharing that. It flew right past me.

      OCSD is nothing more than a legalized gang of thugs. Not much different than the 17th Street gang.

      What a corrupted sewer our society has become.

  • Nicole Boyle

    Yes, it is all about them. I am disgusted. I am certain that is why they went into politics. Someone needs to explain the concept of “public servant.” May their childrens, children suffer the same fate as those that they have left to suffer in the river bed. Pox on all of their families. If you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Not all snow flakes were meant to be public servants and your constituents owe you nothing when you sit behind that dais. It is the other way around, you are there to serve us. If you dont like it get a job as a corporate CEO and see how much “respect” you get then. God bless Aly!

    • Wellwealthmanagement Du

      God Bless Aly. God Bless you Nicole. God Bless The People. We The People. Of The People. For The Peope. By The People.

  • OCservant_Leader

    What the h*ll? These fools have gone so far left this isn’t even funny.

    I am outraged at the actions of this BOS. Hello – some of us actually took a Civics course and know the LAW which you idiots obviously DO NOT.

    Chairwoman Steele…you Madame need to be fired. You do not know what the h*ll you are doing. Period. I want to see the costs of the County lawsuits that YOU caused and will LOSE to be taken out of your BOS account – so you can’t slip it into your personal pension account.

    ACLU – please SUE! For the love of God – you must SUE!

    Thank you Attorney Aly – you are doing the right thing. Keep it up.

    • Wellwealthmanagement Du

      Sue NOW. We The People.

  • David Zenger

    Maybe if the BoS honestly represented the interests of their constituents instead of maniacally pursuing their own political futures and the financial well being of their lobbyist pals the pathetic retreat into the bunker would not have been necessary.

  • RyanCantor

    “I have my right to not be verbally assaulted. I have my right to have my dignity be respected. I did not surrender those rights when I ran for office,” he continued.

    Uhhhhhhh . . . yes you did. Hate to break it to you, but you signed up to get yelled at.

    It’s part of the job. Get used it or quit.

    • Wellwealthmanagement Du

      We need to do something to legally get this guy (Do) out of The Board NOW.

  • Thomas R. Cagley

    Sadly, this is the state of politics throughout the United States. I think I read recently that Do was a little free with the use of taxpayer money in his campaign, but he is beyond reproach. I don’t know much about Steel, but Spitzer and Nelson have become legends with their arrogance. As to the Sergeant at Arms and threats to Taser a speaker, doesn’t surprise me at all, if true. In Lake Forest, during an acrimonious recall effort a year ago, we started having armed and uniformed deputy sheriffs standing in the back of the council chambers during public comments. I think one night there were six in the room. The OC Deputy Sheriffs Association gave $10,000 to a PAC supporting the individuals that were the subject of the recall. These same three individuals (Council members) voted to give the OC SD a ‘sole source’ contract for police services. I’m driving afield, but the point is we have gone beyond the point of citizen servants in elected positions and have created a special category: elected officials, above reproach or criticism.

  • You know, just when Spitzer is about to shoot himself in the foot by some self-serving, ego-tripping stunt, he saves himself by sticking up for the 1st Amendment. I’m with Nolta. I doubt our two naturalized citizens on the dais truly understand the 1st Amendment or any other part of the Constitution. That’s evident from their remarks. If you can’t stand the heat, Andy and Michelle, get out of the kitchen.

    • David Zenger

      Yeah, but don’t forget it was the delicate little flower Spitzer who only recently defended the idiotic “rule” that public speakers can’t identify him by name. Spitzer’s loyalty to the 1st Amendment depends on the time of the month.

      • LFOldTimer

        Also depends upon whether it’s election year.

        In 2018 he’ll be on his best behavior. Count on it.

        He might even call Hutchens up to the podium and ask her whether the illegal informant matter has evolved into a ‘scandal’ yet. lol.

  • LFOldTimer

    When you decided to run for political office and take on the authority to enact new laws that we are forced to obey and spend our money any way you see fit, it all comes with a trade off. None of you have any right to an iota of our respect. Sorry. You have to earn it. And no, this is not the infantry and you are not generals. In a free country we do not have to respect the office of Supervisor, regardless of who occupies it. If you can’t take a tongue lashing from the public it’s time to turn in your credentials and go find another job. High political office is no place for snowflakes. You can’t take public comments personally. Grow some crocodile hide or take a hike. Instead of treating the public like enemies look for some validity in their comments and change your behavior accordingly. Oftentimes there is validity (even if you fail to recognize or acknowledge it by a show of arrogance) but you dismiss it which only aggravates the situation. If there’s no validity in it laugh it off. But you need to come halfway. You’re not anointed kings and queens.

    As far as the clown who refused to stop speaking – he disrupted the meeting. Instead of clearing the chambers and inconveniencing all the people in attendance you should have had the deputies escort him out of the room by whatever means necessary and cite him for the disruption. Nobody has any respect for you because you don’t know how to handle these situations. The overall grade for judgment displayed by the Board of Supervisors in dealing with the public is an F -.

    • Cynthia Ward

      Correct. The Brown Act describes this very issue. Leaders are not permitted to prohibit the attacks to begin with;

      California Government Code section 54954.3(c)
      (c) The legislative body of a local agency shall not prohibit public criticism of the policies, procedures, programs, or services of the agency, or of the acts or omissions of the legislative body. Nothing in this subdivision shall confer any privilege or protection for expression beyond that otherwise provided by law.
      (Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 507, Sec. 1. Effective January 1, 2017.)

      Then after the BoS actions resulted in protest, they failed to follow other Brown Act rules for how to handle such a disruption!

      Cal Gov Code 54957.9.
      In the event that any meeting is willfully interrupted by a group or groups of persons so as to render the orderly conduct of such meeting unfeasible and order cannot be restored by the removal of individuals who are willfully interrupting the meeting, the members of the legislative body conducting the meeting may order the meeting room cleared and continue in session. Only matters appearing on the agenda may be considered in such a session. Representatives of the press or other news media, except those participating in the disturbance, shall be allowed to attend any session held pursuant to this section. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the legislative body from establishing a procedure for readmitting an individual or individuals not responsible for willfully disturbing the orderly conduct of the meeting.
      (Amended by Stats. 1981, Ch. 968, Sec. 34.)

      The fact that the Chair mishandled the situation, opting for the hubris of protecting their own thin skin rather than defending the law of the land disqualifies that individual from serving in that position as Chair.

      BTW where was County Counsel as the BoS appears to have violated a laundry list of laws and best practice for public meetings? What do they care? Taxpayers get to pick up the tab for the lawsuit certain to result from the ACLU now…Epic fail all the way around.

    • Thomas R. Cagley

      LFOT: You’ve attended enough Lake Forest council meetings to be aware of this at the lowest local level. Recall when Hamilton would call “time outs” because the natives were talking, or laughing! You are spot on in the fact that these people need to learn respect, the only thing that comes with their election are their pay checks.

    • OCservant_Leader

      Yea – Where is it written that the citizens must RESPECT their “elected” (I use this word loosely in OC) officials?

      I want the attorneys on the BOS & CoCo Joker to please cite this reference they are basing their actions/reactions BS on?


      Give me a friggin break.

      For all the OC children watching this circus—FYI your “elected” officials are LYING and breaking the LAW.

    • LFOldTimer

      What happened to Ward’s comment?

  • verifiedsane

    Would the public expect anything else from the BoS?

    Another sad commentary on the state of county government, which acts with total disdain for public concerns, input, and criticism; while ruling by intimidation, force, and decree…