• LFOldTimer

    In the end Big Money will win. It always does. As the developer spokeshole said “Ultimately the decision delays the project by a year or two, but it does not discourage us,”. He knows how the system works.

    My guess is that the legal payoffs were not large enough or failed to target some key decision makers in the property development food chain.

    At the end of the day if the money is big enough and goes to the right people the rights of the animals and the environment are negotiable and easily papered over. Even in the liberal State of California with all the tree huggers. ha. Money always wins.

    And during the bickering stage the lawyers will make a killing.

    I predict within 7 years thousands of new homes will litter Banning Ranch.

    • David Resendez

      He’s back like a rash. Never a positive comment & always laced with smug sanctimony. This project will be substantially smaller thanks to the good work of folks at the Banning Ranch Conservancy. Thank you Terry Welsh & everyone at the Banning Ranch Conservancy.

      • LFOldTimer

        “Sanctimony” is a big 3-syllable word.

        I didn’t give you enough credit. My bad.

        Now impress me. 3x + 1 = 7. Solve for x.

        • justanon

          Yeah, nothin’ says ‘brains’ like supporting and voting for an ignorant, lying, treasonous, con-man for POTUS, ha, ha, ha.

          • LFOldTimer

            You’re back?? lol.

            You and David should get a room together. You have a lot in common. lol.