Orange County Dignity PAC Fined For Late Campaign Filings

Orange County Dignity PAC, a political action committee formed by the Orange County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, will be fined $827 by the Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to report two expenditures and filing a late report for a third expenditure.

The political action committee, which was formed to support Julio Perez for the State Assembly in 2012, did not report expenditures of $7,797 and reported a $15,000 expenditure past the 24-hour deadline.

The fine was the result of the Franchise Tax Board’s Political Reform Audit program. The FPPC did not find any intent of wrongdoing.

The fine is still pending approval by the FPPC board at their regular meeting on May 25.

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  • LFOldTimer

    “The FPPC did not find any intent of wrongdoing.”

    That’s funny. No intent of wrongdoing but the money grabbers still imposed a fine of $827.

    Imagine what the fine would have been had the wrongdoing involved intent? ha.

    Btw, who are the brainstems who decide intent or non-intent? Does the accused get his day in court? Or is he just presumed guilty if the money grabbers say so?

    What a racket.