• Paul Lucas

    After what we saw with Janet Nguyen on that board, there is no way that Andrew do should even be allowed on that board let alone let 3 more pirates in to feed st the trough

  • LFOldTimer

    No wonder the current supes (Bartlett and Spitzer) on the CalOptima Board opposed bringing 3 more supes aboard the gravy train. They want all the medical industry “donations” to themselves. Why divide by 5 when you can divide by 2? lol.

    Bartlett and Spitzer voted ‘nay’ for selfish reasons. It had nothing to do with putting the people first. ha. They deserve no credit. Both are seasoned pols who always put themselves first in line at the feeding trough! lol.

    Besides, this is another moot point. The Sactown legislature will certainly approve SB 4 and Brownie will give it his stamp of approval, effectively snuffing the supe’s vote. So the 3-2 vote was a waste of time.

    CalOptima is a joke. Most of you probably don’t know this. But there is no “means testing” to qualify for Medi-Cal or CalOptima. IOW’s the government doesn’t make you list your assets (home equity, bank deposits, vehicle values, stocks, bonds, etc…) when you apply. Only your income. So Medi-Cal recipients could theoretically have a net worth of a million dollars or more and qualify for soup to nuts free healthcare as long as their incomes fall below a certain threshold. Another scam compliments of Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Lyanna Lyns

      That is factually untrue. Simply, completely, factually not true.

      • LFOldTimer

        So you claim something is “factually untrue” without being specific?

        Sorry. That’s not good enough.

        • Lyanna Lyns

          How can you claim it is? I did this for a living, and I know the regulations. Go read them, they are posted online.

          • LFOldTimer

            Again, you’re misinformed. The attached link under my previous comment proves it.

            Just admit you’re mistaken and move on.

    • Lyanna Lyns

      Illegals only can get emergency care, pregnancy and contraception or nursing home care. That is the one that bothers me.

      Insofar as the rest, you cannot have assets of more than two thousand dollars and qualify for Medical without a share of cost. If you own a home, and get nursing home care and leave no spouse, the state will sell your house after you die to recoup their expenses. It is way more complicated, so please do not misstate what the regs are.

      • LFOldTimer

        You’re misinformed.

        Illegals 19 years old and younger are entitled to Medi-Cal. Like I said, the liberals in Sacramento spend our health care dollars to treat illegal aliens with soup to nuts free medical care while ordinary working Americans struggle to meet their premiums and deductibles for bronze Obama plans which offer substandard coverage.


        Apparently you don’t understand how the emergency medical system works in California. You can walk into the emergency room with a case of the sniffles and a doctor has to treat you BY LAW. The VAST MAJORITY of people seen in the emergency room do not have life threatening illnesses. You should talk to an ER nurse sometime about what goes on in a California emergency room and educate yourself.

        And you are grossly misinformed about eligibility requirements for Medi-Cal coverage. Go look at a Medi-Cal application. Nowhere on that form does it ask the applicant for a list of assets (home equity, car value, bank deposits, stock bonds, etc….) All it asks for is the amount of earned income and the number of people living in the household. The income eligibility threshold is increased for each dependent in the household. But it has nothing to do with assets other than earned income. That’s why I said someone with a million dollars in assets could theoretically lawfully qualify for Medi-Cal provided that his or her income does not exceed the certain threshold for the number of dependents living in the household.

        Nursing home care is a completely different animal. I’m referring to basic Medi-Cal coverage that includes emergency care, doctor visits, prescription meds and hospitalization. Medi-Cal asset recovery laws recently changed too. It was reported in the media. I suggest you research it.

        And if you don’t mind – pass it along to justanon too. 😉

        • Lyanna Lyns

          I did this for twenty years. YOU are misinformed. Illegals are not eligible to regular medical benefits, period, end of story.

          • LFOldTimer

            Did you not see the link that I posted along with my comment?

            I really don’t care what you did for 20 years.

            The Ca State legislature enacted a law in 2016 that made all illegal aliens under 19 residing in the state eligible for Medi-Cal.

            Just because you say it ain’t so doesn’t make it a fact.

    • Arlene Hoffman

      Spitzer is NOT on CalOptima BOD. I just looked it up. It’s Bartlett and Do. Indeed that was the whole point of the BOS vote; Do didn’t get elected Chairman of the Board of CalOptima.

  • Arlene Hoffman

    Here we go…again! The long departed but never missed Janet Nguyen did the same thing years ago, and it was a disaster for CalOptima and for the healthcare needs of OC’s poor and elderly.

    Those citizens served by CalOptima are PEOPLE, NOT POLITICAL PAWNS to be manipulated by disreputable County politicians.

    Cannot believe I’m doing this, but saying Thank You to Todd Spitzer, and to Lisa Bartlett, for standing up against this cynical and nefarious political power grab.

    • Lyanna Lyns

      Because Todd doesn’t want anyone to see that he has been milking this cash cow for years. He is in bed with organized crime run nursing home cartels. Spitzer is as dirty as they come.

      • Arlene Hoffman

        Not sure I’m understanding the connection you’re making between spitzer’s objection to The BOS usurpation of CalOptima and the other activities you’re accusing him of. And he’s right nevertheless.

        I’d be interested in the info you have to back up your accusations against Spitzer. I’m open to being persuaded.

      • Arlene Hoffman

        Please provide verifiable sources for your Spitzer claim. I’m no fan of his, but I need to see facts.