• Ed Romero

    Disputes??? How about the night that a Drug Dog was needed and that Police Department, called the Sheriff and a couple other Police Department because their Drug Dog was busy on another arrest. NO ONE was available, but the Probation Department Drug Dog and that Police Department REFUSED our response to assist, but they REFUSED over and over our assistance. You see everyone hated that Drug Dog Handler, she would refer to herself as Mr Macho Man, a Real Man, I’m sure you get the picture. She finally KILLED our Probation Drug Dog, because she fed him CHOCOLATE CAKE full of Fresh Whipped Cream, that is DEADLY for German Shepherds. Our Probation Drug Dog was needed anywhere it was at the residence of that former Chief Probation Officer in the City of Anaheim, she Smoked so much Marijuana along with all those other Asst. Chief Probation Officers and all their Lesbian friends that her neighbors would call our Probation Records Unit complaining about all the Marijuana fumes floating over to their houses, that Drug Dog was all needed on the 5th floor of the Probation Department where that Asst. Chief Probation Officer Smoked so much Marijuana that my co-workers gave her the AKA/Marijuana Nancy.

  • Robert Unetic

    When the fire department responds everyone knows it is unarmed and here to save lives. When you have law enforcement respond will they run a records and warrants check when they pick up a victim? Hey, it might be a great way to clear a lot of unpaid parking tickets.

  • Dan Logan

    How about the first to recover the bodies of the Thai tourists from the King’s River, wins. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1301666 i’m in Thailand now and people are upset that our emergency crews in the Reedley area have done nothing. Time to.buy a Canadian flag patch for my backpack.

  • What a bunch of children, Gang of Five included. Will the sheriff threaten to take her helicopter and go home? Will the fire chief stomp his feet and scream at the top of his lungs until the sheriff gives in? Wil the Gang of Five stop taking campaign payoffs from their cronies long enough to really give a darn? Next, on….As the County Crumbles…

  • verifiedsane

    Maybe the public employee union bosses & their goon squad enforcers from each side should meet in some dark alleyway and settle this dispute in the good old fashion roaring twenties style…come on now…everyone knows who’s really in charge… 🙂

  • kburgoyne

    As childish as this fighting is, can we at least all agree the decision about who’s going to respond should be made through some common ground dispatcher so we can eliminate the waste of aviation fuel and operational hours? Helicopters serve a very important purpose, but they’re not known for being the most fuel efficient of aircraft or having the most cost effective maintenance requirements.

  • Paul Lucas

    This sounds pretty dangerous

    • kburgoyne

      …and childish.

  • RyanCantor

    “I want your tax dollars!”

    “No, I want your tax dollars!”

    “How about neither of you get tax dollars and we get a private company to do this at one-third your cost?”

    “. . .”

    “. . . Nah, let’s just endorse you for the next election and you give me the tax dollars.”


    • kburgoyne

      You won’t find a private company to do this job at an honestly cheaper rate. It’s an important job, but highly inefficient when it comes to resource investment versus usage. It’s a very unattractive business model. Unless somebody is willing to heap tons of revenue on the business, capital is going to gravitate elsewhere.

      • RyanCantor

        That’s not why I won’t find a private company to do the job at an honestly cheaper rate.

        I won’t find a private company because no one will look.

      • Used to be that fire departments transported and treated victims. Someone got the bright idea, years ago, to use private ambulances to transport. Now you have private ambulance companies all over the place vying for the County contract. I suspect, if you tried this with S&R, you’d get the same response, helicopter included. Of course, you’d have to throw in some campaign cash to get the contract.

        • kburgoyne

          Ambulances are a different situation. Ambulances also perform work as taxis between health care locations, and between homes and health care locations on non-emergency basis. The type of helo outfitted for S&R is not efficient for use in other applications.

          • RyanCantor

            You mean like life flight helicopters?

            I think we can call this one busted.

    • LFOldTimer

      Of course privatization of search and rescue would work. But the public safety unions bribe the politicians with campaign donations to ensure it doesn’t become an option.

      Just like EMT services. That could be privatized as well and save the taxpayers billions of dollars over a 10 year period. Only 2% of the emergency fire calls in OC are for fires. 98% are emergency medical calls. Private EMTs would be better qualified because they could actually be fired if they screw up – unlike government EMTs.

      Government always offers substandard services at premium prices.

      • Thatchmo

        But giving the firefighters something to do while they wait for the next non-medical emergency seems like it is more efficiently using the time they would be paid for by waiting at the station anyway for the 2% calls. Do we pay them to go to the medical calls while waiting for a fire to respond to, or have them sit at the station to polish their fire trucks all day?

        • LFOldTimer

          No. We just downsize the FD’s by 85% and have them work rotating 8 hour shifts. Either that or go to straight volunteer FD’s that used to be so successful throughout the nation before the public safety unions hijacked them.

          During their downtime they could help wash the county fleet of cars.

          If the FD EMT’s wanted to apply for a job with the private EMT companies that would result in their compensations being cut by 50% – they would be free to do so.

          No more pensions either. A straight 401-K just like the rest of the workforce gets.

          • Bill Colver

            I have a pension from my private sector company. Did you not get a job that offered those types of benefits?

            Let me guess, you had to memorize, “would you like fries with that order?”

          • LFOldTimer

            You must be from the dinosaur era. Only a tiny percentage of private sector firms offer pensions anymore. But the gobblement pensions with formulas like 3%@50 or 2.7%@ 55 are totally foreign to a private sector worker. Most private companies only offer 401-K’s that match the first 3%. That’s it. A fair percentage of companies don’t offer retirement benefits at all, other than SS. Keep in mind many jobs in the private sector these days are only part-time. Part time work offers squat in benefits.

            Btw, your insults are really lame and are just a reflection on what a chump you are. You’re putting yourself on display.

          • Bill Colver

            Most of those companies offer DB retirement plans to their principal officers. It’s sad that you exhibit the traits of battered wife syndrome. You should be clamoring for private entities to reestablish that type of mindset towards its employees. Instead you express the belief that being screwed over is okay.

            BTW, your lame responses are just a reflection of what an asswipe loser you are. You’re putting yourself on display.

          • LFOldTimer

            Any fool knows that DB pension programs are financially unsustainable and will eventually bring the entire economy to a screeching halt. That’s the reason they were discontinued in the private sector 40 years ago.

            The selfish workfare leeches in gobblement never got the message.

            Don’t you have a truck to wash or a hose to pull today, Sparky?

          • Bill Colver

            Private DB plans were very sustainable till about the 80’s. They only became unsustainable when arbitrageurs started doing LBO’s with the over funded pension funds as the target.

            Only an asswipe loser that is unaware of history doesn’t know that.

          • LFOldTimer


            Private pensions were discontinued when it became evident that the US economy could not continue to provide these lofty benefits and remain competitive on a global scale. Did you pay any attention what happened to Greece or did that one fly over your head (or through your ears?) lol.

            But since government workfare employees have no competitors they got to keep their pensions, even though they will eventually go bankrupt and bring the entire system down.

            The library’s open today. I suggest you go there and either read something or talk to people who are smarter than you are. They shouldn’t be hard to find. 🙂

          • Bill Colver

            An asswipe loser believes that. The principal officers of many large corporations who enjoy DB plans appreciate your support.

            Keep thinking you deserve to get screwed over. That is precisely what will happen.

          • Bill Colver

            Nope, never had to memorize that. Don’t blame others for your pathetic work history.