• DonHonda

    Only 70 out of 121 Central American “surgees” were deported because they’ve exhausted their legal proceedings and were found not eligible for asylum. This number is minuscule compared to the Millions of Illegal Aliens to be deported.

    Update: 3/12/16 DHS has arrested 336 of the “surgees” that have exhausted their legal options. Let’s see how many of them will be deported.

    It has been proven that these continuing “surges” are not fleeing any uptick of crime, violence, gang activity. They were promised “permisos” from their clergy and media. Due to Obama’s lax immigration policy, they believe this to be true. Not mentioned that 70-90% of those released on “bond” or “security” bracelets do not show up for their legal proceedings. They just “disappear” waiting “in the shadows” for the next mass amnesty.




  • DonHonda

    Is this what to expect from DREAMers?:


    Ruben Navarrette: One Dreamer’s missed lesson in good character

  • LFOldTimer

    A question for all who support illegal immigration:

    If people walked into your home without your authorization, refused to leave and demanded that you house them, feed them, educate them and pay for their medical care, all at personal expense – would you (1) Succumb to their demands and give them what they want, or (2) Call the police to remove them from your home and take them to jail for breaking and entering?

    Be honest with your answers.

    Honesty above all.

    • justanon

      You forgot (as usual) the part about those “people” building your home, keeping up the yard around your home, cleaning your home, watching the children living in your home and picking the food eaten in your home.
      Gosh darn it, why are those “people” still here?

      Oh yeah, WE EMPLOY THEM because WE NEED THEIR LABOR!!!!!

      That’s the REAL “HONEST” TRUTH.

      • LFOldTimer

        You mean those people who steal jobs from needy unemployed American citizens, including homeless people, and legal immigrants who play by the rules ?

        I didn’t realize you’re so anti-American and anti-rule of law. Thanks for informing me.

        Shame on you.

        • justanon

          Then why are they EMPLOYED here? Who gives them the jobs?
          You love to say they “steal” jobs , but the truth is is they are GIVEN jobs by ‘patriotic’ Americans to SAVE MONEY.
          It’s the AMERICAN EMPLOYERS who are at fault, if there were no jobs they wouldn’t be here.
          But of course, blaming WHITE AMERICANS doesn’t fit into your RACIST world view.

          • LFOldTimer

            If the illegals didn’t violate our laws by entering the country there would be no illegals to hire. Duh? Illegal entry is the catalyst to other subsequent unlawful acts.

            Both are to blame. But the illegals committed the first unlawful act (illegal entry) that resulted into other unlawful acts. (identity theft, unauthorized employment, tax evasion, etc….). Illegal foreigners generally commit 3 or more crimes by coming to America.

            “But of course, blaming WHITE AMERICANS doesn’t fit into your RACIST world view.”

            Oh, and only WHITE AMERICANS hire illegals??? lol.

            Look at the RACIST calling the kettle black!!!

            Love it how you constantly stick your foot in your mouth and make a fool of yourself.

          • justanon

            I don’t hate all Americans, just trump supporters. This country doesn’t need these lazy, ignorant, low IQ, bigots and we can’t afford to support their back-*ssward thinking and policies any longer.

            Take Texas for instance, run by trump-like morons. They ignore and disdain science, engineering and common sense and look at the mess. It is a polluted , poorly planned sh*t hole and now they want the rest of the country to give them FEDERAL GOVERNMENT dollars to help clean it up. Suddenly everyone in Texas is a socialist.

            I say, let Texans start paying state income tax and then we’ll talk.

            But back to the waste-of-space trump supporters, these folks are not patriots, anyone could see that trump was unfit for the Presidency and yet these folks voted for him anyway. They are traitors, THEY are the ones who should be shipped to NK a place they’d find very much to their liking.

            *Ignorant, entitled, fat, lazy, dictator – check

            *Reckless and militaristic leader – check

            *State run media, any negative stories are labeled “fake news” and source is executed – check

            *Leader loves adoration and gold – check

            *Simple slogans to promote nationalism – check

            *Laughing stock of entire world coupled with fear of mentally ill person in charge of nukes- check

            Just think trump supporter’s how happy you’d be in NK, you’d never know you left.


          • LFOldTimer

            Get over your Trump butthurtitis. It’s eating you from the inside out.

            Trump won. Crooked Hillary lost. lol.

            Deal with it.

          • justanon

            Ha, ha, ha you idiots screwed-the-pooch when you voted for trump.

            You will NEVER again be able to point to ANYTHING a Democrat has done because trump will ALWAYS BE WORSE.

            He’s the most ignorant, the laziest, the most corrupt, the biggest LIAR, he’s reckless and inappropriate and he’s a TRAITOR!!!!!

            YOU voted for him, YOU OWN HIM, lol!

    • Paul Lucas

      That fantasy of a wall you trumpers want will do zero to effect immigration as most undocumented arrive here via airplane and overstay their visa. Now with Flint Michigan still sans water pipes and Houston underwater, our infrastructure dollars must be focused there and not some metaphorical falace on the border.

      • LFOldTimer

        Many millions of illegals came into the country by walking across the border. Don’t you recall the recent surge of juveniles who came from Central America through Mexico? Hundreds of thousands. Do you think it’s your responsibility as a US taxpayer to provide all of them with free shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care? Anytime Guatemala or Nicaragua wants to get rid of their unwanted residents they just send them north to become your problem. Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

        Walls work great. Ever try to scale a 30 foot one with razor wire at the top? About a half-dozen other nations just recently placed walls on their borders to keep intruders out.

        We have our own underclass citizens and legal immigrants who we have an obligation to support. Diverting resources that are supposed to go to them to illegal foreigners who sneak into the country is unfair. We have homeless people by the hundreds living on the river bank. Many because they can’t find jobs that the illegals stole from them.

        I agree that those who overstayed their visas and are in the country illegally need to go back home too. No argument from me there.

    • Paul Lucas

      Whats your opinion the Wet Foot Dry Foot policy for Cubans? And since it was ended under Obama what are your comments?

      • LFOldTimer

        What’s WFDF? Explain it to me.

        Obama violated the US Constitution when he approved DACA. He openly admitted that he violated the Constitution. He didn’t have the authority to change statutory law. That was the job of Congress. So the DACA supporters can blame him for any inconvenience in their lives – not Trump who is simply restoring the Law and the sanctity of the US Constitution – which is his obligation as President.

        • justanon


          The “constitutionality” of DACA has so far held up in the courts.

          “…. the Supreme Court has yet to rule on its constitutionality, so calling it “unconstitutional” is presumptive. And while the program has vocal opponents, legal experts largely argue that the program is not only constitutional but based on commonplace practices.”….
          “…… Michael Tan, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants Rights Project, said the U.S. Government has “repeatedly and successfully” defended DACA against constitutional challenges.

          “The ultimate legal authority for DACA lies in the U.S. Constitution,” Tan wrote. “Article II, Section Three of the Constitution states that the president ‘shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.’ Carrying out our immigration laws involves deciding who should be targeted for deportation and who should be allowed to stay.”


          • LFOldTimer

            DAPA, DACA’s cousin, was actually defeated by the SCOTUS. DACA would have suffered the same fate.

            And it’s comical how you would quote an ACLU attorney’s opinion on DACA. What a clown you are.

            DOJ attorneys who actually worked with Obama on the DACA program came out later and admitted it was unconstitutional. lol.

            Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. DACA is toast. And Congress will never resuscitate the program. The Dreamers can dream in their countries of origin. The American taxpayers are tired of paying for millions of foreign freeloaders.

          • justanon

            “Obama violated the US Constitution when he approved DACA.”

            That is NOT a TRUE statement is it, so are you lying or just misinformed?

            DAPA isn’t DACA. You’re trying to move the goalposts because you’ve been proved WRONG … again.

            And FYI most ACLU attorney’s specialize in or are very familiar with constitutional law, here’s a link to Michael Tan’s bio:

            But hey, smearing and denigrating people is what you LOSER, right-wing nut jobs do, amiright?

            Unlike trump’s sloppy executive order banning immigrants, Obama’s DACA order was well researched and backed by Constitutional scholars:

            Leading Law Professors:

            Presidents Have Granted Deferred Action To Undocumented Immigrants “Historically and Recently.” In 2012, almost 100 law professors wrote a memo to the president explaining the decades-old legal precedent for the executive branch to exercise prosecutorial discretion and defer action on the deportation of certain undocumented immigrants. These arguments were used by the White House when it created DACA, a use of “clear executive authority” that is a “long-standing form of administrative relief”


          • LFOldTimer

            “That is NOT a TRUE statement is it, so are you lying or just misinformed?”

            Once again, you stick your foot in your mouth.

            Even Obama agrees with me. lol.


        • Paul Lucas

          Wet foot dry foot means once a Cuban sets foot on dry land they get amnesty. ]
          Watch the video below.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eosHdJ8puh8

    • Paul Lucas

      you dont punish the Son for the sins of the Father.

      • LFOldTimer

        Both father and son are illegal. The son benefited from the fruits of his father’s crime. Blame dad. And blame Obama for approving an unlawful and unconstitutional executive order which created this situation. Not the US taxpayers. Both father and son can go back to their home country together.

        How many illegals have you invited into live in your home and offered to pay for their housing, food, education and medical care?

        Oh wait. It wouldn’t be fair for you as an individual to fund what you support. But you think it’s fair for the rest of us to pay for it – in fact you demand it.

        • Paul Lucas

          ya know houston is full of red necks like you and Mexico is still offering to send aid. Maybe you should take heed before youre standing before st peter.

          • LFOldTimer

            So I see you have to resort to baseless insults due to lack of a coherent argument to the facts I’ve presented.

            Thanks for playing.

  • verifiedsane

    You have a right to a seat on the bus back to the country from where you entered America illegally….have a nice trip 🙂 A valuable lesson in American civics for DACA illegals….we are a nation of laws…

    • justanon

      Racist idiot.

      • verifiedsane

        ignored 🙂