• Debby Bodkin

    It would be great if Karen Schatzle would run for OC District Attorney. She has already been retaliated against and things will probably get worse based on the past history of the OC District Attorney.

    DA Rackauckas, OC Board of Supervisors, OC Sheriff and County Counsel ENABLED the same defense law firm, Sullivan Ballog & Williams to simultaneously represent the OC Sheriff’s Department while also representing clients that the OC Sheriff’s Department was responsible for investigating. The OC Sheriff investigated a felony gun possession on the Santa Margarita Catholic HS (Diocese of Orange) campus by the principal’s son at the time and then, when DA Rackauckas enabled the charges to be dismissed by a Judge, based on “youthful exuberance”, without filing an appeal, the Diocese of Orange hired the same defense law firm that represented the OC Sheriff’s Department who investigated the felony gun possession on the Catholic high school campus, the Sullivan firm.

    QUESTION: As a parent, would you report a sex crime committed by a Diocese of Orange priest/lay employee against one of your children to the OC Sheriff’s Department, knowing that the Diocese of Orange and OC Sheriff’s Department share the same defense attorneys as the Catholic Diocese of Orange and Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese? IMO, this is a criminal RICO enterprise with the blessings of the OC District Attorney and County Counsel.

    Let’s see a list of the lawsuit settlements and unexplained dismissals that the Sullivan firm orchestrated with the assistance of the same government clients that the firm simultaneously represented. Karen Schatzle would serve the fair administration of justice if she ran for OC District Attorney! IMO, she could pull a victory off if members of the public submitted truths about DA Rackauckas and Todd Spitzer’s refusal to STOP public corruption crimes in Orange County, CA.

  • If Spitzer and Rackauckas are the only candidates on the ballot I will write in Judge Goenthal.

    • LFOldTimer

      Ok, Dweeze. You write-in Judge Goethals and I’ll write-in Scott Sanders.

      I just want to ensure that both get credit for calling out the swamp dwellers and acting with integrity. Rare examples of virtue in public service today.

  • richard jorgensen

    I honestly think you guys are being way too rough on Old Man Rackauckas. Before the dementia and senility set in, Rackauckas may have actually had good intentions for the county. The problem is that when he lost his memory (and lost his ability to find his keys and locate his car in the County parking lot), he also lost his common sense and better judgment – and now unfortunately the county is paying for it (big time).

    Old Man Rackauckas – enjoy your tapioca at Sea Cliff – you senile old ####!!!!!!

  • Steve Grasha

    lost this election when Todd took the homeless issue away from him.
    These idiots think this is about old rules. The rules no longer apply,
    this isn’t 1992 anymore! It’s a one issue world and Tony lost this race
    when it became clear that he supports a corrupt judiciary. I wish I
    could continue to support him but after he sold out to a corrupt Judge,
    he became toxic. He can’t be saved. Congratulations Todd Spitzer. You can unblock me now!

    • Greg Diamond

      Racky “sold out to a corrupt Judge”? I can’t figure out what you’re talking about, but you’re welcome to explain. Do you mean Judge Steiner in the race against Schatzle? Racky didn’t have to “sell out” to take that stance; he had most everyone with clout in the courthouse with him on that side.

  • Greg Diamond

    Does this allegation pass the surface plausibility test? Let’s place it onto these handy scales of justice….

    (Lucky that they have a metalsmith on speed dial!)

  • LFOldTimer

    I suspect this is the same reason we don’t see anyone of name value running against Spitzer or Rackauckas for DA. Fear of retaliation by the system. Career suicide. Considering the dirt on both candidates – there should be at least 5 quality candidates in the race for DA. Isn’t it suspicious to you that Spitzer and Rackauckas are, for all intent and purposes, the only strong candidates in the race?

    I side with Shatzle here. Based on the dirty history of the OCDA I suspect that there’s inside collusion to protect the club members, regardless whether they’re poking their interns in their judicial chambers.

    • Greg Diamond

      I’ve spoken to Brett Murdock (who, whatever you think of my run four years ago, does have “name value” and institutional support about this issue of potential retaliation. It’s a real consideration. I give him credit for going ahead with his race despite it. There are plenty of good people in the OCDA’s office who could and should run, but they are essentially kept from doing so for fear of getting a similar treatment as did Schatzle.

      This is why, while I support Murdock over Spitzer, I’ll support Spitzer over Rackauckas if that turns out to be who’s in the runoff. Even if he were so disposed, Spitzer simply wouldn’t be ABLE to retaliate against people the way that Rackauckas can — too many people hate him — and it would keep Racky from anointing someone like Susan the Terrible as his successor.

      • LFOldTimer

        Murdock doesn’t stand a chance. I predict he won’t get more than 10% of the total vote.

        I refuse to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. I’ll write in “Abaddon” as a protest vote before I vote for either Rackauckas or Spitzer, since we’ll get the very same outcome with either one.

        The fact that we don’t have any viable candidates running in the DA race (besides Rackauckas or Spitzer) should be a big red flag to everyone that we’re dealing with dirty politics that suppresses a free electoral system.

        • Greg Diamond

          You are given to confident pronouncements about things that you can’t possibly know are true and that won’t be proven true or false until a time when no one will remember what you said. I got just under 27% against Racky in 2014; that’s probably Murdock’s floor. He will be better funded and have better institutional support than I did in that kamikaze effort, because he has a better “pathway to victory” in a runoff given his opponents’ mutual hatred. And he’s quite a good speaker, too.

          I agree with your final paragraph, though — although, unlike Racky, Spitzer’s problems don’t so much involve winning elections through dirty politics. (But they do both have the “intimidating subordinates” box heavily checked.)

          • LFOldTimer

            You were T-Rack’s only competition. That’s the reason you got 27% of the vote. Murdock is running against both T-Rack and Spitzer, both of whom will probably carry a combined 90%.

            Ashley Aitken would have made a much better candidate for DA than Murdock. She’s a former Federal prosecutor, plus she would very likely capture the large majority of the female vote. Her background is much better suited for DA than Mayor of Anaheim. Makes me wonder what stopped her from taking on the challenge of that golden opportunity.

      • I am curious, whatever became of Susan Kang Schroeder? I remember she was T-Racks big mouthpiece for a long time.

  • RyanCantor

    “The Orange County District Attorney’s Office will vigorously defend against this lawsuit.”

    I’m sure they will. It’s not like they have death penalty cases to work on instead.

    • Greg Diamond

      I see what you did there. Haha. (Except that it isn’t really funny.)

  • verifiedsane

    Another lawsuit where the county BoS will no doubt settle in some backroom deal with tax payers monies or drop bundles of dollars defending their nefarious dog and pony star embarrassment DA Tony Rackauckas !

    How many times does this nefarious scenario have to play out before the voters of OC wake up from their self imposed apathetic slumber. The only component missing in this story as usual, is actual accountability. Why isn’t the VofOC writing about who always pays the price (the citizens) in this never-ending series of OC government corruption stories?

    • LFOldTimer

      I would love to see a list of all the lawsuit judgments or settlements (w/ dollar amounts) in the last 10 years against the county. There must be at least one investigative reporter in OC with the journalistic acumen to provide the public with such a list. Keeping the county financially accountable for their behavior should be a top priority for any investigative journalist. Makes me wonder why such a list has never been compiled to date. Hmmm.