• Bill421

    These BOS need to be removed immediately

  • Carol

    Can we get any more corrupt!! Oh man.

  • westminster_guy

    Surely this won’t hold up in court if challenged… ?

    • verifiedsane

      Exactly….which means more tax payer dollars spent by the county on attorney’s to defend the indefensible….talk about creating a corrupt system and then gaming it for profit…The BoS have this sleazy methodology down pat…

  • Ed Romero

    I bet they didn’t see anything wrong with our CEO who I overheard COACHING our Officer Manager how to commit PERJURY. He and his Asst. said to my Office Manager and I quote “look the Judge right in the eyes and DENY IT, DENY IT, DENY IT, they will be believe us not Margie”, and my Officer Manager replied “You mean you want me to LIE TO THE JUDGE”, they replied YES. This reminds me of that Gay Deputy Probation Officer who couldn’t get enough of all those Young Mexican Boys and Men, that he would orally copulated in his Office while on duty, he was finally arrested at least 10 years after I advised his Supervisor what he was doing, he died from Aids shortly thereafter and the Probation Department was going to send a letter to all of his clients and County Counsel advised them TO SHUT UP. Now you know why the Board of Supervisor’s wants and e-mails and messages destroyed.

  • LFOldTimer

    “County officials say it will be up to each employee to decide whether to delete text messages they consider “transitory.”

    Just another way for these scoundrels to burn the evidence and wash their hands of malfeasance.

    Just like OCSD did with the informant records in the jail (and got away with it since none are being prosecuted).

    If our Founding Fathers could rise from their graves all would crash the next Supe meeting and start turning over tables and chairs.

    I’ve never seen elected officials so anti-American.

    And Page is their shoe-shine boy.

  • David Zenger

    1) The policy, which the supervisors approved unanimously Tuesday, says officials may “at any time” destroy emails and text messages they consider to be internal memos or “working notes” they no longer need.

    2)“All emails, both transitory and official, will be retained for two years. There is no discretion here,” said Annie Loo, a deputy county counsel who helped write the policy, in an emailed response to questions.

    Of course these two statements are contradictory, in typical County fashion. Also typical is the decision to let the County politicians (at any given time) define what a “transitory record” means based on how embarrassing a document might be.

    They have already propounded a specious theory of “privileged deliberative” documents that can be withheld from public scrutiny; now they’re saying everything else is “transitory” and can be destroyed.

    Anybody (outside Building 10 see a problem here?

    • verifiedsane

      The only thing the BoS are actually doing is destroying the public trust in government….I’m sure they are fully aware of the consequences of what this blatant cover up policy entails….Yet, they are so self consumed…they just don’t care…

      • David Zenger

        Spitzer’s Playboy Bunny. Well, that was bound to happen. But wait ’til Rackaukas tunes that one up.

        • LFOldTimer

          “Playboy Bunny”?

          That adds even more intrigue to the story. 😉

          But you know the way county lawsuit settlements work. The taxpayers pay and then the evidence is buried from us. That’s why they settle. The last thing they want is open testimony during campaign season. So we never really know exactly what we’re paying for. Leon arranges that.

          One thing is for sure. Todd Spitzer is a dog.

    • RyanCantor


  • RyanCantor

    And the public benefits from this how exactly?

    • David Zenger

      Well, the Supervisors represent the public, right? Therefore the public must benefit.

      Quod erat demonstrndum.

      • Rivett

        It’s like this:

        1) Supervisors may “at any time” destroy “internal memos” and “working notes”

        2) “At any time” could mean in anticipation of or right after a subpoena

        3) Destroying incriminating evid- err, “internal memos” and “working notes” results in less exposure to possible consequences, and that saves public money. The public benefits, it’s so simple.