Campaign Staffer for Phil Janowicz Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Charges

A campaign staffer for Phil Janowicz, a Democratic congressional candidate running against Republican congressman Rep. Ed Royce, has resigned over allegations he sexually harassed women while an employee of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

On Wednesday the OC Weekly reported allegations of sexual harassment and abuse by several women against an official at the Democratic Party of Orange County and the Orange County Labor Federation.

The women made the allegations in social media posts as part of #metoo, a hashtag aimed at raising awareness of sexual misconduct.

Janowicz released a statement on his campaign’s Facebook’s page that does not refer to the allegations specifically or name the staffer. The campaign will not release the name of the staffer who has resigned.

Janowicz’s full statement:

Yesterday afternoon, I accepted the resignation of a senior member of my campaign staff. There have been allegations that have arisen during his time at a previous employer. He vehemently denies these allegations, and I await the results of the formal investigation. I want to state firmly and unequivocally: sexual harassment and sexual assault have absolutely no place in our society and absolutely no place on a political campaign that fights for equality, inclusiveness, and empowering others.

I have always and will continue to encourage those working on my campaign to come to me directly should any impropriety occur or if anyone feels uncomfortable. As a teacher, I was available to my students whenever they felt intimidated by others and personally led the charge against two harassers in CSUF chemistry. I will continue my open door policy in this campaign as I have since the beginning. No one should ever feel like they can’t speak out and be heard.

And personally, I’d like to thank my friends and supporters for reaching out to me the past few days. I’m very grateful for all your support.

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  • Paul Lucas

    hey verified sane and LF old timer; what exactly is it that allows you Trump supporters to be blind to Trumps own sexual deviance and to lash out at only Dems? Double standard much?

    • verifiedsane

      Some loose locker room talk secretly taped vs the actually commission of documented acts of criminal sexu*l deviancy are two completely different worlds…..only the Queens of hypocrisy (aka Democrats) could draw this bizarre, incongruous, paradoxical, and absurdly ridiculous comparison…

      Shall we take notice and reflect upon how outrageous sexu*l deviancy was never an issue for the Dems with “Ted” Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident , or with President John F Kennedy when he was gallivanting around to every wh*re-house in the nation; and all this was going on while maintaining an extramarital affair with a well known actress in the White House, or with Mr. Womanizer and cigar toy provocateur himself; Mr. “I did not have s*x with that women” Bill Clinton. then there is A. Wiener, J. Edwards, as the list goes on and on…..and there are plenty of Republican political Representatives who have also ventured into the abyss of detestable sexu*l deviancy.

      Fortunately, President Trump doesn’t even come close to meeting the dark criteria of these other aforementioned sexu*l deviants. Just because you may not like President Trump, are put off by his non-PC & unconventional style of leadership, are angry/disappointed that his was elected, or may disagree with his policies and agenda…these constant baseless personal character attacks on the President will do nothing to help your party going forward or will they help win elections in the 2018 mid-terms….So do you really want to go down the road of having a “double standard” p*ssing contest, Paul?

      • Paul Lucas

        it wasnt loose locker room talk pal. It was a confession of a serial offender. take your faux outrage and faux gnus somewhere else. why did you armchair losers vote for this poseur trump AFTER he admitted to committing a life of serial sex offenses? Why do you still support trump AFTER He admitted to committing countless acts of sexual deviancy even upon minors?

        • verifiedsane

          Paul, please remove the tin foil hat and put down the pipe…your imagination is running way beyond your ability to catch up to it…if you are going to make wild speculative accusations…please provide the irrefutable evidence, the outcome, and the record of a I hear Crickets 🙂

          • LFOldTimer

            Even Jimmy Carter – who was a crappy President but who I absolutely adore for his ethical standards and willingness to speak the truth – lusted in his heart.

            If you look at the photos of the reunions of the former Presidents you’ll notice that the others distance themselves from Jimmy – like he’s being ostracized.

            This reinforces my belief that Jimmy stands tall above the rest. I hope he lives to 150.

          • verifiedsane

            Met Good Ol’Boy Jimmy once when he was out hawking books…He looked 150 then…I can only gather that “peanuts” must be deemed a super food after all 🙂

    • LFOldTimer

      I’m just pointing out the obvious, Paul. The progressives went ballistic on Trump when women mysteriously appeared during his campaign and inauguration with stories of sexually inappropriate conduct 20 years of more ago. The Pink Pu*sy Hats went on a rampage. It was non-stop news on CNN and MSNBC for a month or more. Now suddenly when the stories are much closer to home within the Democrat Party the progressives go into damage control mode with deflection or silence. Seriously, the hypocrisy is disgusting.

      • Paul Lucas

        uh no trump has been outed as a sex offender multiple times years before he ran. How many Sex offenders do you guys get for every bill clinton? Bill Oreiley, Roger Ailes, Trump, Carlos Bustamante, etc etc. I could go on and on. You keep saying this is a dem problem when yiu guys are steeped in sex offenders among your ranks. o tell me how many sex offenders do you get for every one of our before you acknowledge it? I need a number so i can list them all and show you that there are exponentially more oin your side of the aisle than on dems side?.

        • LFOldTimer

          I never said sexual battery or assault was only a ‘dem problem’. You’re putting words in my mouth.

          You’d be completely disingenuous if you didn’t acknowledge that the progressives went on a Trump bashing rampage for months and months after the alleged female victims suddenly made an appearance ONLY after Trump campaigned for President and was elected. You can’t name ONE of these victims who made those accusations (which were 20 years old) BEFORE Trump ran for political office. That alone is highly suspicious.

          And, of course, the progressive Pink Hats made a HUGE spectacle of it all. Where are the Pink Hats today? lol. When the home team is under the microscope the Pink Hats are nowhere to be found. That makes it CLEAR that the original attacked were POLITICAL in nature and not from the heart.

          Additionally, all those progressive women in Hollyweird who KNEW Weinstein was sexually assaulting other women and REMAINED SILENT are no better than Weinstein himself. But those left-of-center conveniently overlook it.

          I’m not saying there aren’t pigs in the GOP. I’m just saying that the feminist progressives are mysteriously silent when it happens within their own ranks.

          • Paul Lucas

            hey the dpoc and labor fed have taken actions against the offenders in our midst but you guys cannot say the same thing. In fact you run cover fpor your sex offenders so shut your pie hole of lies.

          • LFOldTimer

            Many within the GOP attacked Trump after the sexual assault allegations were made. I guess you weren’t paying attention.

            To my knowledge Trump didn’t send texts of pornographic images and memes to young women who worked for his businesses . If you have other information, please share. It was all ‘he said – she said’ 20 years after the fact.

            I will repeat this again. Hopefully this time it will register with you.

            The general OC progressive population has been incredibly reserved after the local Dem scandal came to light, as compared to their reaction when allegations were made against Trump.

            Again, WHERE ARE THE LOCAL PINK HATS who were so offended by Trump?

          • justanon

            “Many within the GOP attacked Trump after the sexual assault allegations were made. I guess you weren’t paying attention.”

            YOU of course, WEREN’T ONE OF THEM. YOU have repeatedly DEFENDED trump.
            trump is on tape describing behaviors he’s been accused of and yet, YOU STILL DEFENDED HIM. We all remember the “p*ssy-grabbing” tape, but what about his PEEPING on TEEN AGE GIRLS????

            “On an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in 2005, published on Sunday by CNN, Trump described going backstage at the beauty pageants while the contestants were undressed. “Before a show, I’ll go backstage and everyone’s getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it,” he said. “You know, I’m inspecting because I want to make sure that everything is good.”

            “You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody okay?’” he continued. “And you see these incredible looking women, and so, I sort of get away with things like that.”


            DEFEND THAT!

            You have a lot of nerve calling out others, HYPOCRITE!!!!

          • verifiedsane


          • Paul Lucas
          • LFOldTimer

            Again, you refuse to respond to my fundamental position on this story that I clearly articulated in my comment.

            I never claimed that GOP’ers were sex scandal free.

            I merely made an observation that the OC progressive population (Pink Hats, etc.) have been deafeningly silent as compared to when allegations were made about Trump. Where are the marches and protests?

            I have repeated this several times to you. The fact that you’ve sidestepped it speaks volumes.

            So I see no reason to continue our dialogue. Thanks for your participation.

  • LFOldTimer

    So when’s the Pu*sy hat protest and march?

    Oh wait. I forgot. Wrong political party.

  • verifiedsane

    Oh, just precious….did he travel to AZ and enter sex addiction rehab also…The LEFT???