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  • SwanSong

    I have first hand information that the fire was reported even earlier and the reply from authorities was “nothing to worry about, we know about it already”. If they did in fact know and failed to respond then someone needs to be held accountable.

  • verifiedsane

    The result of politicized & overpaid public servants….unbelievable….and yet as usual this will be mired in some laughable outside (Think $$$$) investigation for ever…and nothing! I repeat! nothing will change…get ready for the next ballot measure asking for more fire services bond (bond = hidden tax) money! They are all hero’s after all…

  • LFOldTimer

    So they had reports of a canyon fire in progress red flag high-risk wildfire conditions and it took them over an hour to respond? Naturally by that time the fire was out of control. How many homes burned down? 60?

    Sort of reminds me of the screwups during the Freeway Fire back in 2009 when 300 homes burned down.

    We pay the average firefighter $240,000 a year in compensation? How much do we have to pay them for a competent performance? $500,000?

    If I was one of those 60 homeowners I’d be pissed.

    It’s really time to dismantle government-run fire departments and privatize the whole system.