• LFOldTimer

    Three cheers for Ed Pope!

    Now there’s a real vet who has the backs of his fellow vets. He’s not a fake fair-weathered vet who’s talks a good game but at the end of the day supports the dirty anti-vet politicians (Wagner, Shea, Fox) and the greedy developers who want to throw the deceased vets to the back of the bus to enhance their profits. Mr. Pope is the REAL DEAL. Give the man a standing O.

    Trust me. Not all purported vet supporters are on our side. Like the old song goes “Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend……I’m telling you beware of the handshake that hides the snake….Beware of the pat on the back, smiling faces sometimes they don’t tell the truth”.

    I watched the sig gatherers outside Target just the other day. There was a line-up to sign the Vet cemetery petition. Let’s get behind this cause and spread the word to kick this horse across the finish line and bring home a victory to defeat the dirty evil politicians and the greedy developers.

    Btw, at the recent special meeting those public speakers who opposed the land swap and moving the vets to the back nine on the strawberry fields outnumbered the pro-land swap crowd by a ratio of 9 to 1. And don’t take my word for it. Go watch the video of the special meeting back on Sept 26. Yet Wagner, Shea and Fox totally ignored that overwhelming majority voice of opposition and voted to disrespect our vets by shoving them out next to the dirty polluted freeways.

    Let’s get behind Ed Pope and the cemetery petition and send a message to both the dirty politicians and the greedy developers that can’t be ignored!!!!

    Volunteer your services to make it a successful petition campaign for the vets who put their lives on the line for very little financial compensation so you could enjoy your freedoms.

  • Karen Jaffe

    From the Owen report, the demolition was $30m of the total $78m phase 1 costs on the ARDA site which included $46.1m for the construction of the Phase 1 cemetery. So the $10m towards the phase 1 at the strawberry site is a much much lower contribution to the construction cost. 125 acres in the middle of Irvine for $4m total? 5 Point insisted on the entitlements being transferred (9,000 cars in the middle of Irvine) so it can’t be so much for demolition and remediation as they plan on building straight away. So, does anyone really have any concerns with this land being valued at $4m TOTAL when adjacent Portola high school was $134m for 43 acres? Keep in mind that a developable residential acre in Irvine is around $6m I think. PLEASE build a cemetery, but these numbers seem seriously fraudulent to me. We have seen the re-zoning, but I don’t think the terms of the deal have been posted for the requisite 5 days as stated by Mayor Wagner so the swap isn’t official as of today but maybe I’ve missed that.