• frustrated

    Santa Ana to Pay $1 Million for Car Dealers’ New Digital Billboard

  • Bob Stevens

    2.4 deaths per year on average in a city loaded with gangs, drugs, homelessness, and crime. That should be celebrated for being so low.

  • Ed Romero

    It’s not the deadliest if you are the former Chairperson of the Orange County Central Committee, former Judge, former Chief Probation Officer, former Director of Health for the County of Orange. If you were that Corrupt individual and her Gang of Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting Lesbians you can Smoke all the Marijuana you want at her residence in the City of Anaheim. If you were that former Asst. Chief Probation Officer you could Smoke all the Marijuana you want while on duty at the Orange County Probation Department, I remember my co-workers gave he the AKA/Marijuana Nancy. I remember one day being in the elevator with 2 Anaheim Police Officers and the Marijuana Fumes were pouring out of the Air Vent, I looked at both of them right in the eyes and NOTHING was done about it, but then the Cafeteria at times was FULL of Local Law Enforcement Officer and the odor of the Marijuana was over powering. But if you are a Hispanic especially if you are a MALE you are sent to Jail or Prison or you could be SHOT for what these Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting Racist Lesbians were doing while on duty. I remember this Deputy Probation Officer who tested POSITIVE for HEAVY USE of COCAINE, she was not FIRED, all she had to do was make a Drug Delivery in a Brown Paper Lunch Bag to that Racist Corrupt Convicted Shoplifter Asst. Chief Probation Officer Marijuana Nancy and all was FORGIVEN, that goes for that other Deputy Probation Officer arrested 5 times for Marijuana for Sale and that other Deputy Probation Officer who was arrested 5 times for Drunk Driving. I believe I made my point, as Deputy Probation Officer Cocaine Debbie said one day about this HISPANIC MALE PROBATIONER who tested positive on a Drug Test ” I’m not going to have anyone on my Caseload that test dirty for Drugs, I’m sending him back to Jail or Prison, that’s exactly where she belonged. So you see they have a set of Rules for members of the GOP and Whites and other set of Rules for Hispanic’s and Blacks here in Orange County, California

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  • Paul Lucas

    One thing for sure, if POBOR isnt repealed or drastically altered, there will never be an end to this and or trhe payouts the public has to pay for officers who have zero accountability.

  • kburgoyne

    Well… in an effort to be “fair” I want to say the incidents need to be understood because there is always the chance a given city might simply have been “unlucky” in that it encountered an undue share of situations in which deadly force was legitimately required. HOWEVER, I don’t mean that to brush aside the situation either — which would also be unfair. I do realize a lot of ideologically/politically motivated people will use a statement like the one I made as a means of doing the “nothing to see here, move along, move along” routine — which is absolutely NOT my goal.

    I’d just LEGITIMATELY want to make sure of the greater situation before leaping to an unfair conclusion in any direction. The article does do an excellent job of pointing out many very worrisome issues. Thank you for the added information, Thy. Good job.

    We suffer in our nation from way way too many of those in power being more interested in playing political/ideological games with an issue than just simply dealing with the issue honestly. Better to “fix the problem, not the blame.” This isn’t unique to governing. Very few businesses have the culture of “fix the problem, not the blame”.