• Cynthia Ward

    You all make Tom Tait out to be the most powerful human on earth. According to you the Mayor of Anaheim is responsible for illegal immigration (not in the authority of a municipal government) homelessness (the responsibility of Federal and County government) rising crime rates in a city the FBI reports has declining rates for violent crime, and he has been called “spineless” at the same time others claim his determination to stand up to the prior majority against all odds in the face of their corporate welfare is the reason for the animosity at City Hall. So is he spineless or too stiff-necked? Y’all are going to have to choose. Oh yes, and some say he is responsible for vacancies at City Hall with key staff, even those vacancies under the prior rule of the Murray Majority. That is quite a feat for someone who was shoved into a corner and told to shut up and sit down and watch others run the City for 6 years before voters saw through the campaign money fogging the view and gave him a new majority to work with. I had no idea Tom Tait could be so nearly omnipotent. I am impressed. I am going to see if he can single-handedly stop global warming. Or is he at fault for THAT too?

    • LFOldTimer

      “You all make Tom Tait out to be the most powerful human on earth. According to you the Mayor of Anaheim is responsible for illegal immigration (not in the authority of a municipal government…”

      Now you’re spinning the board comments just like Tait is spinning his position on immigration. Nobody said Tait is responsible for illegal immigration. But he is responsible for his silent endorsement of such which attracts more illegals into the city which increases crime and places additional financial burdens on the city taxpayers.

      Tait is the Mayor of Anaheim. He holds a position of power and influence. He took a sworn oath to defend the US Constitution and uphold our laws. He purposely avoided distinguishing between LEGAL and ILLEGAL when referencing the “Welcoming City” declaration in Anaheim. Why? Because he supports illegal immigrants and knows many Anaheim residents oppose illegal immigration in their city. Reference his participation at the “Day of Action” w/ Mayor Garcetti. Read his quotes.The least he owes to his residents is an accurate and unambiguous stance on his immigration position. His avoidance is cowardly.

  • verifiedsane

    The New Anaheim city entrance signage: “Welcome to the Happiest Hell on earth” – toll booth ahead…no citizenship or passport required…

  • Marlitt Arnouville

    Crime is now rampant with gangs and the housing is out of reach for the younger​ generation, recently a photo showed homeless camp on the Santa Ana Civic center! I fail to see what is so welcoming to any immigrants? I lived in Garden Grove and I am glad I left.

  • Cynthia Ward

    It is important to note that it isn’t ONLY those immigrants without documents who often fear authority. Even when one has jumped through all the legal hoops to become a new American, early years spent under a corrupt and evil government elsewhere makes some of our neighbors fearful of ANY government, and this program is a step toward making it clear they are NOT in the same place anymore, that America has a different way of treating its residents (whether recent immigrant or longtime citizens.)

    People who feel a part of the community are more likely to volunteer at their child’s school, or their church, or participate in a Neighborhood Watch program. Immigration is not one of the issues before the Mayor and Council, that is for the Feds, the task of local government is to assist and enable those who are part of our local community, so we can all work together for a better city, and if this program helps the ONE HALF of Anaheim that are either immigrants or the immediate descendants of immigrants, then the program does the job it is designed to do, and we all get out of the way and let the Feds do the job they are tasked with performing. I am not sure what the issue is here.

    • LFOldTimer

      Nobody I know has any problem with immigrants who come to our country LEGALLY. I wholeheartedly endorse it. But endorsing criminal behavior, sanctuary cities and states that protect those who violated US laws is purely unamerican and violates the core values of what most Americans and legal immigrants support. We don’t want to live in a society that promotes selective anarchical sanctuaries for those who violate our immigration laws.

      All nations have borders, immigration laws and vigorously enforce those immigration laws for a reason – to protect those who live within their countries LEGALLY. Look around. Illegal immigration has produced blight and poverty in our cities (ie, Santa Ana), higher crime (30% of prison beds in California are occupied by illegals), loss of jobs for citizens and LEGAL immigrants, unfair exclusion of prospective LEGAL immigrants who follow our laws yet are put on hold from LEGAL entry into our country since we have 15-25 million ILLEGAL immigrants who stole their jobs and places in America. Our homelessness problem has exploded due to inflated rent prices – partially a result of over 300,000 illegals in OC driving up housing demands and creating a shortage of affordable housing.

      Tait endorsed the declaration of a “Welcoming City” because he knew that declaring Anaheim a “sanctuary city” would be unpopular with a significant population in the city. But we know he applauds sanctuary cities. He made that clear when he appeared with LA Mayor Garcetti at the “Day of Action”.

      Tait just doesn’t have the spine to tell Anaheim what he really stands for. He’s gutless. So he went with the sanctuary city light version – “Welcoming City” without distinguishing between “legal” and “Illegal”. Tait’s just another phony politician.

      • Barry K

        Bottom line the process for Tait to get this agenda through is to change federal law, not undermine it with these antics. If he wants to welcome illegals, he should draft legislation for open borders and work it through the political process.

        Instead he is about talking points and pandering to the illegals- undermining the laws that exist. This is obviously for political and financial gain. Cronyism

  • LFOldTimer

    Tait is disingenuous and cowardly for refusing to openly distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.

    But we know his true sentiments. He joined liberal Mayor Garcetti in Los Angeles earlier this year for a rally called “Day of Action” in support of illegal aliens. So his actions clearly reveal his actual position. Tait just doesn’t have the b*lls to clearly articulate his true position because he knows how many residents he would alienate by doing so. So his words walk the fence in Anaheim but his actions tell the whole story.


    You notice that Tait doesn’t mention the millions of prospective immigrants around the world who have opted to follow our laws and applied for LEGAL entry into the United States. They fill out their paperwork, pay their fees, take their tests, provide biographical data for background checks, get medical exams – and then are told by INS to wait in line for 10 years or longer (some are never invited) for the privilege of legal entry into our country. The illegals have already stole their jobs and their place in our nation. So there’s no room left for them. Of course they could fly into Tijuana and break our laws by illegally walking into California too with the full protection of our State government – since California is now a ‘sanctuary state’. But these prospective immigrants actually show respect for our nation by following our laws yet get punished for it. Is that what Tait calls a civilized government? To reward law breakers and punish those who show respect for and follow the rules of our system. What does that tell us about Tait, the man? The one who took a sworn oath to defend our Constitution and obey the laws of our land?

    Tait wants to reward illegal aliens. That’s obvious through his actions. Read the article. Now he needs to grow a pair to and make that CLEAR to his constituents in Anaheim when he addresses the immigration controversy. That’s the very least that he owes to the people who elected him to office.

    • Barry K

      tait is a spineless minion who is an embarrassment of a mayor. No vision just pandering.

  • Sissie Crook

    Are you welcoming legal or illegal immigrants??

    • Lori Moore

      Yes he is. I didn’t even want to pay my AnaCrime taxes- for what? I live a mile from the homeless encampments and I can’t even leave a newspaper on my porch because they would ride by on their stolen bikes and backpacks and steal that too.. but Tait wants us to “welcome” illegals and homeless… Sober up Tait! the only ones wanting this nonsense are the teenagers and 20 year olds that own nothing and could care less about the city “we” bought in being destroyed… they will grow up, and move out of AnaCrime.

      • Cynthia Ward

        I am truly sorry if you live by the riverbed, that has to be a horrid case of rock vs hard place. Can you share with the rest of us how we can stand with you to bring down the crime rates and negative impacts while the brain trust running things figures out what to do with the hundreds of millions in funding the County is sitting on without providing appropriate services for the homeless they (NOT the cities) are tasked with addressing? Are these crimes of opportunity, like stealing bikes from the garage, things that could be mitigated by a Neighborhood Watch program? I do know some of us beyond the riverbed would volunteer for flashlight patrols (not vigilante committees) if that would help at all, while I have seen the impact of Neighborhood Watch in reclaiming the neighborhoods I have lived in, this is clearly beyond what the usual Neighborhood Watch can address alone. But you are not alone, how can we help? I have wondered about the Public Utility lights they offer for free, would those be helpful? I live in the Colony where we are challenged to make use of them on our alleys (where light is most needed) because there isn’t electricity back there and the solar lights are still pretty useless. I have also wondered about the service APD used to provide that loaned those engraving tools to residents so we could mark our belongings with identification, and then we got stickers for the windows warning would-be thieves our stuff is marked and they will go to jail for being in possession of it. Not sure if the APD still does that? It seems like the criminal element hiding behind the anonymity of the riverbed would move on if they knew our neighborhoods are A) in lock-down and they are not going to find anything to steal–although that is a rough way to live, I am sorry–and B) stuff is marked and used as evidence to really send their butts to jail when caught in possession. Maybe I am being naive. But I would love to hear more about your everyday experience living in proximity to encampments and how you believe the community can best stand by you and send the message you are not alone.

        That said, returning to the subject of this article, every study I have read to date fails to connect immigration and homelessness. those in the country without documents tend to fly WAY below the radar, as they know living openly in public space like the riverbed is a one way ticket to deportation. The studies show on average the homeless are white and middle aged, and largely not the subject of Welcome Anaheim. But I don’t want that to sound like anyone is blowing off your real concerns, for your safety and quality of life. I am sorry this is happening to you. How can we help?

        • Lori Moore

          Thanks for your compassion. To share the last couple of years with the “homeless” squatting in the riverbed as been hell. My sons car has been broken into, computer & his wallet stolen while in the driveway. Wallet later found in the riverbed returned by an officer. My other son was getting on the Ball on ramp to go to Work at 5AM- a homeless guy runs from the bushes and tries to get into his car hitting his windows – scared the crap out of him. My dauther.. getting something to eat at Taco Bell gets a knock in the drive thru lane on her passenger window & a homeless guy asks her if she can”spare” some money for him to eat. She is younger and said no, I’m sorry I don’t have any extra money sir… he tells she had money to feed yourself and she tried to explain to this homeless guy that she had my money picking up dinner. He didn’t like that proceeds to unzip his pants and urinate on her car. This is life a mile from the riverbed. My husband and I have bikes we used to enjoy riding the riverbed to the beach- last time we were down there we got chased out of there by a homeless guy so strung out I thought I would have a heart attack trying to out pedal him. These are not little families that dad is out of work down there. The “nice” side of the riverbed uncovered the bikes my husband I reported seeing the bike chop shop down there a year ago… They have generators, couches, big screen TV’s and lots of drugs down there. The last rain you might recall all the needles that washed down the Santa Ana river onto Newport beach… I don’t know where you’ve received your information about who is down there but I urge you to go down there without a gift of food or medical or blankets (people are bumping into one another “helping” the homeless stay comfortable- it’s a joke- people are a joke” you are helping people that have destroyed my town. I’ve lost over $20k in paid for, sweat equity- who would want to live here? would you shop around that cess pool of drugs and filth for your little ones to get urinated vehicles. Monday night there was a young guy laying on the sidewalk putting a needle in his arm while I drove by with my children. I was a single woman buying that house we work hard for the privlidge of homeownership only to have the riverbed be the “acceptable” place to keep every cities homeless. Go by Irvine, Yorba Linda… their rivertrail is empty. They run em over to AnaCrime and we get to live like a 3rd world country.

          • Cynthia Ward

            Linda, I am genuinely sorry, nobody should have to live with what you have described. I am between Pearson Park and La Palma park and for some time Lemon street was the “homeless highway” between the parks and the recycle centers. Nobody wanted to use the shopping carts at Vons when we knew our trash had been in them earlier that week. And while I cannot prove who specifically committed the crimes, we lost numerous items we believed to be safe in our garage, our daughters car windows were smashed in while parked on the street, and I can’t describe some of the “near miss”experiences with people clearly in need of mental health assistance. The scariest experience was finding a man in my garage, digging through the laundry. I opened the kitchen door to yell at the intruder, and he told me, “lady I don’t want to hurt you, I’m just getting away from the cops, I need something to wear and I’ll get out of your way”at which point I realized how stupid I was with the door open and closed and locked it and called the cops, and he stole. T-shirt and ran off. That was when the police officer admired the lovely little world we had created in the back yard and gave me some tips on how to protect it and keep it from becoming a draw to bad guys (like leaving my garage unlocked or not having locks on the gate. That was also when the first of now two dogs came to live at the Ward Money Pit and Gardens. Corgis don’t reach high enough to nite beyond the ankles but they bark and that’s what the cop said is needed.

            So I DO get it. I can also report that we did have some success with Neighborhood Watch, because for the most part the people committing these crimes are lazy and/or not bright and look for crimes of opportunity, when we went into lockdown, lit up dark places, and made our presence known, many of the issues went away. It is not fair to put the effort onto the homeowners and businesses but we have to fight for our homes. Do you have appraisals etc to show the loss of value that attributes it to surrounding factors?

            I firmly believe in accurately identifying what the problem is that I am facing so I know who to fear or not, and how to cope. There are some truly bad people hiding in the anonymity of homelessness, and we need to deal with that right away. But I fear the ugly consequences of labeling all of any population as bad, because we lose our compassion in the pursuit of seeking justice which becomes revenge and I don’t want that either. I have read studies about how the homeless become victims of violent crime and I fear who we become when we consider human beings as “the other” and the root of our problems while also recognizing we do indeed have legit problems being caused by others. I wish I had answers.

            I am FURIOUS with the County for pushing the entire homeless population into the Anaheim section of the riverbed, knowing there are not beds for them in shelters so when the inevitable health crisis breaks out from lack of sanitation, these people will spill back into the streets, parks, and public spaces of Anaheim and portions of Orange and that is not acceptable. i have news articles that date back to 1907 in which residents of Anaheim, Orange, and Santa Ana complain that the County is not dealing with the population that is their responsibility, and instead putting the crisis into the cities that lack the funding and staff to manage the health crisis! So this is not new. Once upon a time the County ran a poor farm where people in need of work and shelter could grow fresh healthy food for the patients and staff at the County Hospital (now UCI medical center) but that system closed during the Great Depression. Just when we needed it most, right?

            Now you asked about where I got my info. I have indeed been down to the riverbed on numerous occasions, looking for firsthand info. I also did a ride along with City net one night as they met with people seeking help. The studies I have read were from the County of Orange, the United Way, and ACC-OC (I think?) I will post the links. But all of the studies agreed that immigrants and especially undocumented immigrants are not often a large part of the homeless population. Immigrant families tend to shelter one another even into uncomfortably tight quarters rather than see family on the streets as culturally it brings shame to the family in many immigrant societies. That doesn’t mean no Immigrants are homeless just that they don’t make up the majority. So the connection of homelessness and crime to the Welcome Anaheim issue, which started this conversation, may not be as tied together as some believe.

            As far as blaming Tom Tait, I don’t think he has the power to impact cities across the country yet there is nowhere in the US not facing homelessness on some level, and while the south county homeless stay hidden from sight they are there too. The County gets fed funding for homeless programs and is sitting on hundreds of millions,or as one County groupie called it, “stewarding resources”…where I come from it’s called “hoarding,” anyway the City is not funded or staffed or enabled to deal with homelessness, where it exists on city property the Mayor has been firm in demanding the camping ordinances are enforced, even when the homeless advocates come to meetings and yell at him. Anaheim has accepted more section 8 vouchers than any other city in OC, most of them under the old Pringle regime, so we are pulling our weight in trying to alleviate the problem. But when the county pushes the homeless up the river trail that the city has no authority over, into the Anaheim portion of the riverbed making the homeless almost completely within Anaheim, that is in the county supes, not the city. If you have suggestions for what you be,ie. and alleviate the problem, I would love to hear them, and I understand Tom Tait often reads this blog, or you can forward ideas to him. What can you suggest that would help your neighborhood, given that the homeless are on county flood control property not city property? I think we are all ready to try anything, but ideas are needed.

          • Marlitt Arnouville

            Unfortunately it will get worse, Cali has the highest tax rate and with Congress passing the tax cuts, California will not get the relief.

          • Linda Lee Moore

            Hopefully the job growth will spur some jobs for the homeless … or at least the ones that want to work but cant find anything.

        • Linda Lee Moore

          So suffice it to say, a flashlight vigilante wouldn’t help. We have a Neighborhood watch and we all try and watch out for one another… but there are more of them then there are us and we have to get sleep at night to work the next day- that’s when they ride around and steal their best stuff. And wherever you got your stats on white / Hispanic down there… Way off. Way! I’m Mexican- they have tattoo on their neck and face gang bangers down there that’s causing the trouble and even the amongst the homeless they are afraid of the ones living under the A at Angel stadium. They were watching a big screen tv the other night on a couch- as I was coming home from work- tough life.