• verifiedsane

    A new building to hand out drugs and kick the disenfranchised to the street…another perpetuation of the same failed mental health treatment model…you know this is a giant politicized scam when you have Pharmaceutical Industry pimps like NAMI’s Matt Holzmann, and the self serving & disingenuous political animal Toad Spitter singing the same old sad song in harmony…. buyer & tax payers beware!!!

  • David Zenger

    Oh, dear me. The County is addicted to owning 35+ year old real estate. Buying in at the top of market has always worked so well for the taxpayers.

    Hopefully, Voice of OC will do a follow up to find out what the rehabilitation/remodeling costs will be, what the unionized maintenance costs will be, and what association/common area costs are involved. Good luck getting a coherent answer.

    The equivalent space could be leased for over 15 years for the same cost and the taxpayers could walk away from the decaying hulk.

    The unanimous vote speaks volumes about the way the County operates. Unanimity in indifference.

    Oh, well.

  • LFOldTimer


    A new place for the BoS Tuesday morning board meetings.

    Maybe Nurse Ratched could serve coffee and donuts.

  • xxwpxx

    As a resident of Orange, this is the first concrete information that has been shared about this. I can tell you that once the residents get wind there will be opposition. The City of Orange hosts (the only) two facilities used by law enforcement for mental ill evaluation and “treatment” for the county, and they are often released to head back out on the streets. That information was provided by Orange PD about two months ago, during their special meeting on homelessness. This is a much needed facility and there should be existing MHSA funds that would be perfect for this. $5 Million was suggested from the MHSA funds by Sup. Bartlett in June when setting up the FCC Pilot Program now run by City Net. The MHSA currently has a $70 million surplus. It would be a real win to get other cities to throw their support, both verbally and logistically, to Orange to ensure this happens. Tustin, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, this benefits multiple cities. Collaboration between cities needs to be addressed in a serious way, the county needs to support, endorse, encourage and incentivize those collaborations.