1) Affordable housing with some public assistance is an attainable goal for some % of homeless, but doing so for 100% of the homeless would cost too much $ and probably just create semipermanent slum or tenement areas.
    2) Treating the remaining % of homeless like stay animals, feeding them on the streets and providing clothes, blankets etc. (but leaving them on the streets) is not a safe, humane, cost effective or civilized option.
    3) Randomly created encampments that turn into small tent cities are unsafe for both the inhabitants and local populations, so also not an acceptable situation. But, just pushing them from city to city doesn’t help anyone.
    4) Seems like there should be an option that balances costs and time pressures, and also provides assistance with dignity and positive results. As a quick fix until something better is found, instead of just kicking people out of bad locations and making them find some other bad location, aren’t there vacant lots in appropriate areas where the county, city, and/or non-profits could just allow tents to be set up? Somewhere with some security for both the inhabitants and the local communities where portable bathrooms, portable showers, portable laundry and other services (mental health, job training), etc. could be provided more efficiently than just chasing homeless from encampment to encampment?

    Not a permanent solution, but seems like at least an interim first step that does “something” positive?

  • Manuel Delgadillo

    Problem is too complex for the government to handle and must be taken over privately industry….

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  • LFOldTimer

    As long as the government hacks (and the homeless advocates) continue to target the SYMPTOMS of homelessness and ignore the CAUSES of homelessness the problem will continue to grow unabated.

    One doesn’t have to be a small particle molecular nuclear physicist to figure that out. It just goes to show how deep in denial this society truly is.