• frustrated

    How many times have we had to tell you that by the time that they get these projects built the roads are already overloaded with too much traffic and these projects are outdated themselves by the time that the projects are finished, you cannot jump the gun on these issues, there is just entirely too much traffic, and Arnold is right, the carpool lanes are the stupidest things that anyone has ever built because he has driven them and it steals an entire lane away from the freeway traffic which clogs the freeways, these roads have already been paid for by the taxpayers and the executives are still making money off the toll roads when the roads should be free of charge.

    • Marina

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    • Barry K

      91 corridor is at peak vehicle capacity. It is just a way for the construction companies and project managers to draw huge sums of money from the taxpayers.

      Need an alternate route from the IE to OC or need to limit growth in the areas where traffic is the greatest (i.e South County)

      When each city does whatever they want without looking at the macro scale of where people live and where the jobs are you get this type of cluster. IE should start courting some of these companies through policy decisions that make it a no-brainer to relocate closer to more affordable homes. The benefit for OC residents is a reverse commute.

      • frustrated

        I think that it would be great for them to build a shorter route between here and the IE (Riverside City, San Berdoo) but they say that a majority of the blacks live out in Riverside/San Berdoo cities so maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea. I’ve driven that route many times before and it’s almost always jammed with traffic so a commute of half the time would be appropriate because it takes too freaking long to get there especially when you’re in a rush. But then again look at the build time for the road projects, even with prefabbed roads the projects time seems to be increased.

        • Barry K

          Project times are for improving existing roadways (lane closures and custom construction methods to allow traffic flow on existing freeways while adding bridges, lanes etc). It will take some time but an alternate, from scratch, route outside the santa ana canyon to Orange County from the I.E is necessary. The only way in and out (that is not dangerous i.e. ortega) is the 91 add to this with the individuals that live out there but commute to LA county (long beach, south bay etc) it is a nightmare. For people that live in the IE and commute to Irvine the obvious choice is to build a direct route bypassing north OC to the job centers in Irvine, Newport etc.

  • LagunaTri

    But, hey, that OC Trolley project will be great; and we wouldn’t want to divert cars off the 91, out of all that traffic.