• John Wong

    Why stop with the trash contact. They have increased our water fees to repair the aged sewer pipes, only to divert funds to the General Fund to help balance the budget.

  • verifiedsane

    No backroom and secret pay to play going on here…..Yeah Right!

  • frustrated

    What are they hiding in a no bid contract for trash services for an extension of 22 years?

    That is OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Sean Mill

    When it comes to Benavides and KidsWorks simply follow the money. This is simply the tip of the iceberg. “Behested payments” involving Benavides are a well known secret among City Hall insiders.

    • David Resendez

      The worst kept secret. Benavides soils the good work of KidsWork. It’s a wonder he’s fooled the Board & Community. Good things he’s off the council in 2018

  • LFOldTimer

    I feel sorry for the abused taxpayers of Santa Ana who are getting hoodwinked and robbed like this by the very ones they vote into office. But you won’t see any protesters yelling from the audience or disrupting the meeting over it. lol. Ignorance is bliss. I commend Michelle Martinez for pulling back the curtains and at least telling the public how they’re getting bezzled. She’s not making any friends at the public unions or the police department by doing so. I hope everyone recognizes and respects her honesty. Have any of the other 6 council members backed her up on her candid observations? ha. Don’t hold your breath.

    Keep in mind that Andrew Do beat Martinez by the slimmest of margins in the 2016 Supervisor’s race. A scanty .4% (four tenths of one percent). How did he pull that off? An $86,000 campaign donation from the Sheriff’s police union. Do knows who his daddy is.

    “It’s a Ponzi scheme,” Martinez said in an interview, referring to an illegal business enterprise. “We’ve been charging into an enterprise fund, then transferring [that] money to use for general
    fund services without going to the voters. That’s illegal. It’s criminal, it’s wrong.”

    Another example of how government is above the law.

    But keep voting and paying your taxes SA residents. It’s worked out so well for you.

    • frustrated

      “It’s a Ponzi scheme,” Martinez said in an interview, referring to an illegal business enterprise.

      So why are they not being arrested by the Sheriff’s Department because they are local police that are paying for these people from police union funding. Ponzi Scheme’s are ILLEGAL!

      Aren’t the Sheriff’s Department a state agency and are supposed to be keeping the local police in check.

      • Barry K

        no county agency

        All the campaigns are funded by cronyism such as this.

  • David Zenger

    “In addition, the city is charging residents millions of dollars in fees on trash bills and transferring it to the city general fund, which pays for police and other services, according to Councilwoman Michele Martinez, who said it’s a violation of state law.”

    She is right and the City Attorney knows it.

    • RyanCantor

      Yeah, but so is taking a bribe on a property sale in exchange for awarding a public contract.

      I don’t recall there being any significant consequences for that little escpade.

      • David Zenger

        Unfortunately, someone with standing would have to sue the City. The other matter is an actual crime and would require an real DA with a modicum of integrity to prosecute it.

        Neither is likely to happen.