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  • frustrated

    Too Much Competition In The Marketplace:

    I have emails from employers where the employers turned me down for work because they told me that they had decided to ‘pursue other candidates’ without even seeing my face or calling me in for an interview thereby wasting my time in filling out the applications in the first place. I actually used to have an email from a college recruiter that told me that I had to have a real job in order to get one at a college and this was right here in OC, I went to a job fair hosted by Todd Spitzer a few weeks ago where they said in the paper that they had 51 employers that had thousands of jobs open at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine where the host did not even show up for the event and the table for OC was devoid of any reps for OC (the table was empty), I was there for about an hour to an hour and a half and I even took a list of the employers with me after I left and applied online for many of the employers that were there at that job fair and I have yet to hear from any of them so at this point I am wondering what they are doing with my info on my resume. I have been to many job fairs and have never recieved any jobs from any of them, I’m filling out applications on a daily basis and still get nothing but rejection letters and form mails from them. So they must be selling my info for advertising purposes or some other wierd reasoning, but that’s just speculation on my behalf, that’s the only thing I can suggest, and you said yourself that there have been alot of other candidates that are being considered, I will admit that I don’t have a consistant record but that is not my fault because I do my research and the economy is not in good shape. Yes I will admit there is some frustration and anger in my reasoning, but I suppose that it can be justified to a certain extent but it’s not aimed at you. A few years ago I even went to an EDD rep to have my resume redone and the person there asssited me with it and told me “in the process that many of these employers have their synopsises for thier job postings set way too high”, anywhere where it states as to how many years experience they are wanting that it says as much as “5 or more or as much as 10 years experience” and that is way too high, nobody that I know of has that much experience on most jobs, so why do they do things like that when it’s just plain wrong? It’s as if they don’t want anyone at all even when they are advertising. I have been passed over for jobs that I am qualified for.

    ** One employer that I went into pulled a stack of applications from under the desk that was at least 300 applications thick, how are you supposed to get hired when they can’t even hire one person out of 300 applications. I have 173+ applications filled out in my emails and no contacts.

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  • sguil

    I think conservation efforts are inadequate, based on what I see in my neighborhood. Most people have no idea that the northern part of Orange County gets most water from aquifers. Several years ago I was informed by someone from our water department that Orange doesn’t have a water problem because we get water from wells.

  • frustrated

    “They are creating crimes and benefitting from crimes in your name”.

  • frustrated

    “In 1984, after Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro as the first female running mate on a major party ticket, the New York Post unearthed the arrest in the 1940s of her father on a numbers-running charge. If you’re unfamiliar with the numbers racket, that’s because it’s passe now, and it was already on its way out by 1984. Why? Because “playing the numbers” was playing the neighborhood lottery. It was run by the Mafia then. Now it’s run by the state. States have a monopoly on this business, a business which is gambling, and the payouts are less generous than the mob once made. Which raises a question: If there’s no moral rationale for outlawing lotteries, what’s the constitutional justification for government monopolizing it? Sounds like a case for Ted Olson”.

  • frustrated

    I have been seeing in other news articles that it will not be built because it costs way too much money and the payoffs are being desalinated so to speak. It’s not worth the amounts of moolah being jibbed around on as part of the payoffs and ripoffs programs pertain to. The amount of water that will be needed is not sufficient enough and the jobs that will be created will not be sufficient.

  • AnotherPattyJ

    The usual suspects want conservation only. We have done that to the nth degree. We need a plan that accepts human activity in SoCal and then maybe we won’t be saddled with drought and flood and fire cycles that destroy quality of life for humans and animals and fishes alike.

    • David Zenger

      “We have done that to the nth degree.”

      No, actually we haven’t.

    • RyanCantor

      This project provides zero, ZERO, gallons of net new water for local consumers. It simply charges more money for the exact same product that we already have.

      That is not a plan that accepts human activity in So Cal. It’s lunacy.

      • David Zenger

        My guess is that “Patty J” isn’t as ignorant as she pretends to be.

  • RyanCantor

    The $1 billion Huntington Beach site could be expected to provide about 10 percent of the county’s water supply, Maloni said.

    This is ungodly stupid.

    $1,000,000,000 for 10%. Don’t do it. There are cheaper, better, and more reliable options than manufacturing water from the ocean.

    This is straight up water piracy.

    • David Zenger

      And good, old-fashioned loot piracy. The beneficiary? Just think of a huge, south county developer who is in the process of building 15,000 new housing units.