Barrera: Climate Change Is the Real Threat to Latinx

The exploitation by opponents of seawater desalination of environmental justice concerns is both unfortunate and misguided. The real threat to economically disadvantaged and communities of color is climate change and its effect on the environment and our water resources. LULAC takes this threat very seriously and so does the state of California, which is why every state agency to date charged with permitting the Huntington Beach Desalination Project has done so.

Maestas: Poseidon Desalination Would Worsen Environmental Injustice in Orange County

I grew up in Irvine, with a deep awareness of how important the ocean is. Now, our regional water board is moving closer to issuing permits to a global corporation called Poseidon for a massive desalination plant in Huntington Beach that would worsen environmental injustice. Low-income families and communities of color—who already face the worst impacts of climate change and housing costs—would be locked into paying for more expensive drinking water.