• RyanCantor

    Ed Royce is retiring.

    That makes things much more interesting!

  • Paul Lucas

    unfortunately the number of democratic candidates will basically ensure these rep seats are re-elected.

    • Paul Lucas

      I made my comment before seeing Ed Royces retirement announcement. Also the Cook Report now lists the 39th as leaning Democratic.

  • verifiedsane

    So the Dems have a whole bunch of candidates who have nothing to run on except anti-President Trump rhetoric and fake news…even in a mid-term election (where the ruling party traditionally loses seats), this appears it’s going to be another 2016 and an additional wake up call to the extreme far left party. Now who was it the said ” it’s the economy stupid” 🙂 The Dems should be fielding some moderate/centrist candidates for DA, Sheriff, and County Supervisors…where they have a real shot to unseat the unpopular & corrupt old OC oligarchy guard.