• verifiedsane

    The DA and Sheriff’s illegally cheated and lied, instead of simply following the law and doing their job. The lessons learned once again from this snitch fiasco; is that not a singe person in the OC ruling oligarchy was held accountable for their crimes. Millions of tax dollars flushed down the toilet later, and the dirty DA and Sheriff’s department continues their criminal business as usual operation completely unscathed.

    If this scenario looks familiar, it should…..this is how a top down self serving oligarchy government works and functions…for the club members there is no accountability, only lot’s of rewards and money..always ending with the proverbial golden parachute ride off into the sunset…

  • LagunaTri

    They didn’t need a snitch for the case. The DA and Sheriff were long overdue for their comeuppance. If I were the family of a victim whose perpetrator received a reduced sentence for being a snitch, I’d be livid.