Development Impacted Two Neighborhoods Differently in Santa Ana

Residents of both the Santa Anita neighborhood and Park Santiago neighborhood agree the Council has ignored their opposition to development near their homes — but residents of Santa Anita, a lower-income and predominantly Latino area, say they weren’t listened to as much as residents of Park Santiago, which has more white and higher-income residents.

Davidson: Record Expungement Unlocks Opportunities after a Criminal Conviction

Douglas B. Davidson, Board President of Community Legal Aid SoCal writes that too many people are unable to achieve their full potential due to the past convictions that hold them back. Expunging these convictions can open new opportunities, but many are unaware of their eligibility or have difficulty navigating the process.

While the legislature continues to discuss ways to provide relief to those with convictions, individuals need not wait. They may be eligible now. The sooner they get assistance, the sooner they can remove barriers to employment, housing, and other necessities. Services like those offered at legal aid organizations across California, including Orange County, can assist them through the process.

Cypress Looks to Power City Buildings Via Solar

After being presented with an energy cost savings proposal from an undisclosed energy company in Cypress, the City Council in October unanimously decided to accept bids from solar companies interested in completing this task. Several attempts to obtain more information about the city’s plan went unanswered.