Anaheim Resumes Stadium Negotiations With Angels on Friday


Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

The City of Anaheim resumes private negotiation sessions with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim over a new Angel stadium deal this Friday, according to City Manager Chris Zapata at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.  

Although no details were publicly given about what stage the negotiations are at, the City Council only has two meetings left before the end of the year. Both the ballclub and the city set Dec. 31 as the deadline to hammer out a new stadium deal.

It’s also the last day the Angels can opt out of the current lease, or stay until 2021.  

After the Angels originally opted out of their lease October 2018, the City Council reinstated it in January to provide more time to negotiate. But negotiations didn’t officially start until Nov. 15. 

Mayor Harry Sidhu, who got himself voted to the negotiating team by the Council, has said very little on what Anaheim is trying to negotiate in the new deal. So far, he’s only publicly said the Angels will pay market-based prices for rent or a land sale. 

“The talks were productive and encouraging,” said Sidhu in a news release. “Both sides have spent much of 2019 preparing to sit down together, and that showed at this meeting. While we still have work ahead of us, this meeting was positive for baseball in Anaheim and for our residents.”

Spencer Custodio is a Voice of OC staff reporter. You can reach him at Follow him on Twitter @SpencerCustodio.