Development Impacted Two Neighborhoods Differently in Santa Ana

Residents of both the Santa Anita neighborhood and Park Santiago neighborhood agree the Council has ignored their opposition to development near their homes — but residents of Santa Anita, a lower-income and predominantly Latino area, say they weren’t listened to as much as residents of Park Santiago, which has more white and higher-income residents.

Gene James Tops All Candidates in San Clemente in Final Tally of Mail-In Only Ballots

Gene James has won a seat onto the San Clemente City Council, receiving 54.9% of the vote or 8,235 votes, to finish out the term of former Mayor Steven Swartz, who died in May. James, who will have to seek re-election in November 2020, defeated the next closest candidate – Jackson Hinkle, who garnered just over 30 percent of the vote- by over 3,500 votes, according to the Orange County Registrar of Voters.