Carty and Barraza: The Hidden Victims of Covid-19

The situation at the men’s prison in Chino is deteriorating rapidly as COVID 19 has spread throughout the facility. While the prison halted the mixing and transfers of inmates between buildings and yards in early May to stop the spread of infections, this policy is being reversed and inmates are terrified. In their efforts to resist the change in policy their families and friends have organized a “dive by” rally close to the facility on May 23.

Armendariz: Caught the Coronavirus in Jail? “Tough Biscuits”

The government uses fear-mongering to advance mass incarceration even with the Covid-19 pandemic. This writer seeks to quell the hate flowing from some fear-mongering by providing an inside perspective, based on his personal experience, on how the pandemic threatens the incarcerated, and by transmission to staff, the entire community.