Barajas: City Open Space Shouldn’t Be Tucked Behind Closed Doors

Flor Barajas, Deputy Director at OCCORD, argues that Willowick Golf Course, currently zoned as Open Space, could be developed as a regional park adjourning Santa Ana and Garden Grove. Barajas writes that public lands should not be sold to developers but instead elected officials should protect this asset for future generations.

Aly: Dear Tustin Legacy Neighborhood

Mohammed Aly, a local resident and executive director of the Orange County Poverty Alleviation Coalition, writes that doing nothing about homelessness is no longer an option. Given the progress of a federal lawsuit on homelessness in Orange County, Aly argues that cities like Tustin, which tonight will consider approving for construction 54 affordable rental units and 60 permanent supportive affordable rental units, can no longer refuse to provide housing opportunities for low income people.

Scott: Poverty Behind the Orange Curtain

Gregory Scott CEO of Community Action Partnership is alarmed by homelessness and leaving seniors, children and families on the street who don’t know where their next meal is coming or have a place to go. The Hope for the Holidays campaign helps to address some of these issues.

Baran: Irvine Voters, Put Democracy Before Development

Jeanne Baran, an Irvine resident, argues voters shouldn’t give a free pass to the development community. Baran stresses that developers and the city council need to be held accountable, arguing Voting No on Measure D protects citizen rights to petition their government.