Baran: Irvine Voters, Put Democracy Before Development

Irvine Voters we’re approaching the finish line to the June 5th Election!  As you prepare to vote, I suggest you vote No on D. Below are 4 reasons why.

  1. It will silence our voice on Development.  Our City isn’t broken – since the Charter’s adoption in 1975, we’ve operated fine without measure D’s additional language. This measure was forced onto the ballot by the Mayor. We have researched the measure and like many others have concluded it is a direct and transparent attempt to take away Irvine citizens’ right to vote on or even challenge the development projects in our city.
  2. The General Plan can’t do it alone.  We have seen the General Plan become overshadowed.   While the General Plan should guide the decision-making of our elected officials, Irvine’s citizens ultimately should have a voice in it. We have a right to proactively contest the development decision-making process.
  3. No more free passes.  While the Developers’ goal is to build out every available space to maximize their financial gain, we must live with the consequences every day in terms of traffic and our children’s quality of education. While economic growth is important, growth is not the end in itself – it is merely a means of ensuring a better quality of life for us and our kids. We are ultimately responsible for ensuring accountability and so, must rein in the free pass given to the development community.
  4. We cannot rely on our elected officials.  The campaign disclosure statements are clear.  Developers are spending big dollars to ensure clear sailing through the approval process. Two examples of large contributions: Five Point Holdings at $45,000 and Starpointe Ventures at $80,000 – companies that do business with the City on a regular basis. The Orange County Business Council also contributed $45,000 and the list goes on.

So, please join us and Vote NO on D with conviction.  Send the message to our elected officials and prominent business community leaders that we are not for sale.  This wonderful asset called Irvine belongs to all of its residents.

Let’s stand together and make it official. No on D. 

Jeanne Baran is a volunteer with the Irvine Watchdog citizens group.  Baran is one of the authors on file with the City of Irvine – Against City of Irvine Ballot Measure D

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