Roschmann: Let’s Honor Our Veterans With Actions…Not Just Words

In honoring veterans, Governor Newsom said, “it was time to reflect and remember” and his, “deep respect and admiration” for their sacrifices. Yet, he cut the funds necessary to begin a veteran’s cemetery in Irvine. He forgot that veterans had already paid for the cemetery with their sacrifice…much more.

Armendariz: Caught the Coronavirus in Jail? “Tough Biscuits”

The government uses fear-mongering to advance mass incarceration even with the Covid-19 pandemic. This writer seeks to quell the hate flowing from some fear-mongering by providing an inside perspective, based on his personal experience, on how the pandemic threatens the incarcerated, and by transmission to staff, the entire community.

Maestas, Rodriguez and Vielma: Poseidon’s Desalination Plant Threatens our Climate and Human Right to Clean Water

As the Regional Water Board considers final permits for an ocean water desalination plant in Huntington Beach, Latinx community leaders argue it would infringe on our fundamental human rights to a safe climate and clean water; countering an OpEd by a League of United Latin American Citizens lobbyist.

Harvey: A Huntington Beach Student’s Response to the Recent Protests

Once again, a health issue has become the center of political discourse, resulting in both sides engaging in fundamentally different arguments and preventing any real change. Spread of misinformation, not only regarding the virus, but also regarding the political climate in my own hometown is frustrating. This piece attempts to correct some of these misconceptions.