Judge Set to Rule on Whether Seal Beach Mass Murderer Faces Death Penalty

Attorneys gave their final arguments at a hearing Thursday, which addresses allegations by the defense that the failure by prosecutors and the Sheriff’s Department to turn over records in the past – and the potential that they still haven’t turned over everything – suggest Dekraai won’t receive a fair penalty trial and he should be spared the death penalty. 

Judge in Snitch Case Again Rebukes Sheriff for Records Issues

Superior Court Judge Thomas M. Goethals Friday ordered Sheriff Sandra Hutchens to retain all relevant jail informant records after disclosures that the county Board of Supervisors had at one point approved a policy allowing such records to be destroyed.

Dekraai Attorney Opens New Front in Jailhouse Snitch Scandal

Scott Sanders, the public defender who exposed the county’s jailhouse snitch operation, is now alleging in a letter that sheriff’s deputies surreptitiously eavesdropped on a constitutionally protected conversation he had with mass-murderer Scott Evans Dekraaai in jail.