States Skimp on Valley Fever Awareness

Valley fever infects more than 13,000 people annually in Arizona and California and kills more than 100. Yet the two states spend less on public awareness about the disease in one year than what the Bakersfield City School District spends on lunch milk for a month and less than what Pima County’s Parks and Recreation Department spent on janitorial supplies in 2016.

New Valley Fever Test Shows Promise, but Obstacles Remain

A new skin test called Spherusol can detect whether a person has developed a natural immunity to valley fever, a sometimes fatal disease caused fungal spores in soil. But despite its promise, the test isn’t in wide use.

A Chance to Be Heard

Top federal health officials are traveling to Bakersfield this week to hear the stories of valley fever survivors and discuss how to bring greater awareness of and funding for the sometimes crippling disease.