Hutchens: Cooperation is Central to Law Enforcement

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens argues against California Senate Bill 54, saying it would severely restrict local law enforcement’s interactions with federal immigration enforcement authorities (ICE) on matters that are crucial to public safety.

OC Sheriff Could Be Required to Testify on Jailhouse Informants

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens could be called to testify in a hearing later this month, which will explore whether her department attempted to cover up a jailhouse informants program by intentionally destroying or withholding key discovery documents related to the case of mass murderer Scott Evans Dekraai.

OC Supervisors Expand Immigration Detention in County Jails

The unanimous decision came after more than three dozen public commenters spoke against the expansion and none supported it. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said the expansion will bring an additional $5 million in revenue to the county without requiring more staff.