Harvey: It’s Time to Start Listening to the Students Behind Black Lives Matter

On June 5th, a group of high school seniors, myself included, organized a protest on what would have been the last day of high school. Inviting Orange County Human Relations to teach de-escalation techniques, contacting the police to ensure our safety amidst gun threats, and encouraging Black students to speak about their experiences, we took initiative to provide a safe and productive environment for students to voice their opinions, and we did so peacefully.

Smoller and Moodian: It’s Time to Rename John Wayne Airport

John Wayne’s white supremacist views came to light again when a 1971 interview he did with Playboy magazine went viral in early 2019. As symbols of racial intolerance are taken down across the country, the time has come to rename our airport and remove Wayne’s statue. The actor does not represent our diverse, cosmopolitan community.

Armelin: American Truth and Reconciliation

America has a poor understanding of its history, and this has perpetuated tacit racism against African Americans. To heal and become a greater republic, America finally must have truth and reconciliation.

Keefe: How Forward

Find the quietest corner of your room, of your heart, and grieve. Howl if you must. Then listen. Listen to Black voices and believe them when they say they struggle to stay alive. Every. Single. Day. Then stand up with them and for them, but not instead of them…

Briceño: Racial Justice Starts in Our Own Backyard

Taking action in response to the tragic murder of George Floyd and ongoing police brutality, the Democratic Party of Orange County announces it will convene a special meeting of the Central Committee to enact reforms that place racial justice at the forefront of local lawmaking.