• the sad truth this request brings to light; if there was no video, it is assumed by the union lawyers that the “good” cops would lie to protect the bad cops.

  • webweave

    Is it legal for cops to dismantle security cameras or eat pot on the job? Why should they receive protection committing illegal acts?

  • Seatired

    If the cops were wearing body cams, the cameras of every officer in the shop would have malfunctioned or they would have forgotten to turn them on. These cops are absolute scumbags. They are the “bad cops” and the “good cops” have done nothing to speak out against them.

  • Paul Lucas

    Bauer was probably hoping his ruling would stand and survive before he got back from vacation.

  • guest

    Can you post a copy of the tnetative decision. I want to see the judges reasons.

  • Irwin Lizarzaburu

    “Recorded without their knowledge or consent?? So this means if I catch a cop murdering someone with my iPhone camera, it’s not submittable because he didn’t know I was recording him? It’s like wiping your ass before you shit, just makes no damn sense!

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