Small Development in Anaheim Granted 20 Years to Build

The Anaheim City Council Tuesday night approved a development agreement that allows a developer to take as long as 20 years to finish construction of 56 homes in the eastern part of the city.

Developer RRM Properties plans to eventually build the homes on 15.7 acres beside a much larger Irvine Co. development known as Mountain Park, which is planned as a partially gated community of as many as 2,500 homes, a public school site, parks, and other amenities.

The Irvine Co. must first build the portion of its project between Gypsum Canyon Road and the RRM site before the latter can have street access, and that could take 20 years or more, the agreement states.

The council approved the agreement with little discussion despite criticism from William Fitzgerald, spokesman for the grassroots Anaheim HOME (Home Owners Maintaining Their Environment).

“We disapprove of this development. We feel it’s a huge rip-off of the people of Anaheim,” Fitzgerald said. “The only benefit it has is to enrich the council members with more political donations.”

Fitzgerald singled out the 20-year time limit as the group’s main objection. The guarantee ties the hands of future council members, who might see the development as a bad idea and who might be “more honest,” he said.



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