Dr. Ken Bell, Ken Bell & Associates Health Care Consulting

Kenneth E. Bell, M.D. is presently the head of Dr. Ken Bell & Associates, a Health Care Consulting Group. Among their clients is The Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics, a group of seventeen Community Clinics serving the uninsured and underinsured in Orange County. Prior to that, for 5 years Dr. Bell served as Chief Medical Officer of CalOptima, a MediCal Managed Care program which oversees care to 300,000 of our most vulnerable citizens. Before his tenure at CalOptima, he worked for 14 years as Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Director in Orange County. He joined Kaiser Permanente in 1968 as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and later became the Chief of that department.

Claire Schlotterbeck, Executive Director of Hills for Everyone

For over 30 years Claire Schlotterbeck has led the effort to establish 14,100 acre Chino Hills State Park, a park that lies at the juncture of four of California’s most rapidly growing and urbanized counties. This has become the most expensive and complicated array of acquisitions in State Park history yet the Park lies within an hour’s drive of half of the state’s population. Claire currently serves as Executive Director of Hills For Everyone and is leading the four county cooperative effort to protect a backbone and backdrop of open space known as the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor. Active in her own community, she helped create the Brea Senior Center and the Brea Community Center. Claire also serves as a Board Member of UCLA UniCamp, UCLA’s official student charity.

Debbie Cook, Huntington Beach Former Mayor & Environmental Activist

Debbie Cook is a former Mayor and Council Member from the City of Huntington Beach, California. She has served on many regional boards and commissions including the Southern California Association of Governments, League of California Cities, Orange County Sanitation District, and the California Desalination Task Force. In 2008, Debbie was the Democratic Party nominee for the 46th Congressional District. Her campaign attracted national attention and support for its focus on our nation’s energy vulnerabilities. Debbie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Science from Cal State Long Beach, a Jurisdoctorate from Western State College of Law, and a license to practice law in California.

Jerry Collamer, San Clemente Activist & Cartoonist

Jerry Collamer labels himself an Opinionist. Motto: “Answer every memo with a memo. When opinions are offered, regardless the medium, or who’s selling it – if it smacks of illegitimacy, smack back. For every action, there’s a reaction; goes for opinions too,” according to Collamer. With a long career in the art of creative communicating, be it writing, drawing or film, Jerry has a varied palette to draw from, literally.