Community Editorial: More Proof San Onofre Should Remain Shut Down

It’s reported that commercial fisherman are back in Fukushima’s radioactive waters plying their trade.

Fish and sea life in general define Japan’s diet. Losing that to radioactive concerns is to the Japanese inconceivable.

Fishing is now being limited to species immune to radiation. Hmm, radiation immune sea life? Think I’ll pass.

That said, what can Japan eat today that’s not contaminated?

We know airborne radiation drifts globally, falling where it may.

Here, there, everywhere.

It also drifts globally on ocean currents.

First to Hawaii, then to our mainland, from Alaska south to wherever currents carry Fukushima’s radioactive release.

Here in Orange county our coastal kelp is victim to it. And where there’s kelp there’s fish.

And fisherman.

And us.

From 5,500 miles away, our coastline is absorbing Fukushima’s radioactive message.

If anyone here has second thoughts about restarting SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station), get a global map.

Fukushima’s poison traveled 5,500 miles to find us. But we have our own deeply troubled nuke plant, right here, epicenter to everything we hold dear. Let’s heed Japan’s toxic message washing onto our shore, and keep SONGS off forever.

We’ve proven, SONGS is the power we can live without.

Let’s keep SONGS off, for the health and welfare of all of Southern California.

Radiation knows no border.

San Clemente-based cartoonist and environmental activist Jerry Collamer is a member of the Voice of OC Community Editorial Board.

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