Community Editorial: Take It From Me — Early Voting Is the Way to Go

We’ve never voted “early” before.

But we did this election.

We did it because of Carol’s pre-dawn to evening-dark commute schedule.

Getting to the polls on time has always been a hassle for her.

This election she thought, why not vote early, mail in ballots, avoid the election day rush?

Made sense.

We know who we’re voting for.

Being politically active, we have never been accused of being among the “undecided,” so we did.

We sat in our sunny San Clemente patio marking our ballots, then off to the post office — done!

What I didn’t expect was the calming effect it’s had on us as election day approaches. We’ve done our bit. We voted.

If our chosen candidates win, it’ll be perfect. If they don’t, it’s not for trying as we watch the election brouhaha in the past tense, because we decided early and acted on it.

If you’ve never voted early, we recommend it. Voting at home is soothing and fun.

Like getting to the movie early. You get the best parking. There’s no line for popcorn. You pick the best seats in the house, no rush, no fuss as you settle back in the comfy seats, relaxed and prepared for the coming attractions.

Let the show begin.

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